Crowdfunding is a vital fundraising method for startups, offering access to capital from a diverse pool of backers via online platforms like Kickstarter and Indiegogo. It enables entrepreneurs to validate their ideas, build a community of early supporters, and secure initial funding without relying solely on traditional investors. By tapping into the collective power of the crowd, startups can gather valuable feedback, generate buzz, and raise the capital needed to kickstart their ventures. This democratized funding approach has revolutionized the startup landscape, fostering innovation and leveling the playing field for entrepreneurs who might otherwise struggle to secure financing. Some of the leading platforms helping brands to raise funds are mentioned in the story.

Impact Guru

Impact Guru is a donation based crowdfunding platform for NGOs, social enterprises, startups and individuals. Impact Guru has mobilized ₹150 crore (US$19 million)for various NGOs and social enterprises in more than 15 countries.


Founded by Vittal Ramakrishna and Neelendra Nath in 2022, POD is a full-stack fundraising platform in the making and is working towards building an ecosystem that makes startup fundraising seamless and transparent, in addition to providing retail investors the opportunity to invest in promising startup deals.

Tyke Investment

Tyke invest strives to make the investment space more inclusive by granting retail investors access to opportunities that were previously available only to a very small portion of the population. Lower minimums provide a broader section of the population an opportunity to participate. At the same time,they want to make it easier for founders to raise and create their own community of engaged users.

Lets Venture

Let’s Venture was conceptualized in 2013, on a simple premise – to make fundraising & investing easier for start-ups and investors respectively.

Today they are poised to scale private markets on a global level and aim to build the world’s largest ecosystem for founders and investors.