18th May 2024: One of the most popular, versatile, and widely loved content creators, who effortlessly experiments between comedy and beauty, Ankush Bahuguna, attended the 77th Cannes Film Festival, marking his debut. Representing India on the global stage, Ankush donned a Rajdeep Ranawat ensemble at the Brut x Nespresso Party and India Pavilion Party that seamlessly blended traditional craftsmanship with contemporary style, showcasing the rich and intricate Indian cultural artistry.

Ankush hit up the Brut x Nespresso Party, exuding regal splendor in a masterpiece by the ace designer Rajdeep Ranawat. Draped in a striking printed silk jacket and pants, paired with a sheer shirt adorned with crystals, Bahuguna epitomized Ranawat’s signature blend of sophistication and glamour. His riveting look was impeccably complemented by a pair of Patina lace-up shoes, meticulously custom-made for Bahuguna by Tōramally, a homegrown footwear brand by Rahul Shastri. With the addition of exquisite jewelry from Amrapali, his appearance was nothing short of mesmerizing, radiating the essence of royalty with every graceful step he took.