PR 5 will soon be Redefining Chandigarh’s Lifestyle and will not only be a Launchpad for City Beautiful’s new statement on Urban Lifestyle but will also be Your Gateway to a New & Exciting landscape connecting Chandigarh, New Chandigarh, Rest of Punjab as well as J&K.


Being thoughtfully & strategically developed as an upcoming 200 ft wide new International Airport Road, this road will soon emerge as the new Real Estate hotspot poised to redefine living standards offered by Chandigarh’s elite lifestyle, that too at a fraction of the cost as compared to Chandigarh.

Strategically located in the upcoming 200 ft wide PR 5, the new Airport Road with a boasting existence of Sector 43 ISBT on PR 5 itself, offers unparalleled connectivity and convenience. One of the key attractions of PR 5 is its close proximity to Chandigarh and its easy, smooth & direct connectivity with Airport, ensuring hassle-free travel for residents and making
it an ideal choice for commuters, saving Airport travel time by 15-20 minutes.

As PR-5 evolves as the new Residential & Commercial hubs, the area presents exceptionally lucrative investment opportunities, promising rewarding & substantial returns in near future.

Areas astride PR 5 encourage & inspire rapid inflow of numerous investors and prospective buyers. Residents can enjoy Chandigarh’s ambience, with its meticulous & imposing aura and well-planned infrastructure, while adding significant value to the very existence of this exceptionally important strategic connectivity. The very1st Sector of Mohali that falls right on PR 5 is Sector 122 which is sure to develop both as Best Residential Sector as well as the Shoppers’ ultimate lifestyle destination.

Other Sectors of Chandigarh which are astride PR 5 are Sectors 39 to 47 on the Northern side and Sectors 48 to 56 on the Southern side, thereby enhancing its strategic value beyond one’s imagination…..

PR 5 with its planned extension beyond Sec 39 Chandigarh on the west and beyond Sec 47 Chandigarh to the east, extending on to International Airport, through Jagatpura, enhances its appeal & value by providing seamless access to City Beautiful’s vibrant culture, amenities & infrastructure besides drastically reducing the traffic fatigue & high stress levels like long waitings on Red Lights, Traffic Jams and so on…

PR 5 will offer a unique charm, offering & opportunity to investors and home-seekers. In addition, PR 5 is indeed going to be a big blessing for all those who wish to have their dream home closest to City Beautiful, at the most strategic location with hassle-free connectivity with instututions like PGI & Punjab University Chandigarh, ISBT, Airport, reputed Hospitals, Educational Institutions, Entertainment & Shopping Hubs in and around Chandigarh.

Upcoming evolution, growth & development of PR 5 & Sector 122 will surely merit a watchful review & evaluation by Investors, Home-Seekers, Shopping, Entertainment & Retail Brands, Educationists, Healthcare Leaders & other Stake-Holders alike.