[21th March 2024 – Northamptonshire, UK] – F1 Authentics, a brand of Memento Exclusives, have secured the exclusive rights to the Formula One Chequered Flag for another year. The Chequered Flags are being used to provide an unforgettable memento from each Grand Prix for F1 fans. The magic of the “Own the Chequered Flag” campaign is that it allows fans to be a part of a race defining moment without attending the race itself, to then later own their personalised square in a striking display. Fans can truly put their mark on F1 history.

 A lot of Formula One fans enjoy the sport for what it is, and whilst everyone has their favourites, the race is enjoyable regardless of personal preference on teams and drivers. Whilst the majority of Formula 1 memorabilia tends to be related to a particular team or driver, the “Own the Chequered Flag” campaign is different for that exact reason. Fans can enjoy the Grand Prix and have an incredible, but neutral, memento of it.

 The ‘Own the Chequered Flag’ campaign is very simple; when on the F1 Authentics website, fans can select the “Own the Chequered Flag” drop down and choose which race they want to put their mark on. Once the race has been selected, fans can then personalise their square with their name, meaning they can literally be written into the sport’s history.

 After the Chequered Flag has flown to signify the end of the race, the flag is hand-cut into the individual, personalised flag squares. Each personalised flag-square is then framed alongside a professional photo taken of the race winner crossing the finish line and a plaque that has a short description of the item. The framed product will also feature an NFC-chip/hologram for fans to authenticate the legitimacy of their incredible race memento.

Barry Gough, CEO & Founder of Memento Exclusives and F1 Authentics commented:
“It is really a testament to the F1 Authentics brand that we are able to give F1 fans this incredible opportunity for yet another year. Having run the initiative since 2020, we’ve found each year to be more in demand than the last. It is a great pleasure to continue to bring the fans closer to the action in this unique way.”