Manipal, March 7, 2024 – The Manipal Institute of Technology (MIT), under the aegis of Manipal Academy of Higher Education (MAHE), has announced a strategic collaboration with Altair, Bangalore, through a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU). This partnership aims to set a new benchmark in engineering education and research, with a focus on the burgeoning field of mechatronic systems. Altair, a global leader in simulation, high-performance computing, and artificial intelligence (AI), joins hands with MIT to fuse industry-leading technological prowess with academic excellence. The collaboration is designed to enrich the learning and research environment for students and faculty by providing them with access to state-of-the-art software solutions and training programs from Altair. This initiative will enable practical exposure to mechatronics design, analysis, and optimization processes.

Signing of MAHE-Altair MoU

The formalization of this partnership was commemorated with a signing ceremony attended by esteemed representatives from both organizations. Dignitaries included Dr. P. Giridhar Kini, Registrar, MAHE, Manipal; Dr. Harish S. Kumar, Director-Corporate Relations, MAHE; Cdr. (Dr.) Anil Rana, Director, MIT; Dr. Somashekar Bhat, Joint Director, MIT; Dr. D. V. Kamath, Head of the Mechatronics Department; and Mr. Sushil Mane, Senior Technical Director at Altair; Mr. Ranjith Kumar H S, Sr. Sales Manager, Altair, among others.

Coinciding with the partnership, a new Postgraduate Laboratory in the Department of Mechatronics at MIT was inaugurated by Cdr. (Dr.) Anil Rana, marking the beginning of this promising alliance. The inauguration was accompanied by a traditional Sharada Pooja, signifying the auspicious start of the collaboration.

A key component of this partnership is the training program on “Design of High-Performance Mechatronic Systems using Altair’s Simulation and Artificial Intelligence Platform,” scheduled from March 4th to 8th, 2024. This program, inaugurated at the M V Seminar Hall in MIT Manipal, seeks to upgrade knowledge in the design and development of mechatronics systems, touching upon critical areas such as AI-assisted simulation, IIOT, and digital twins. Mr. Sushil Mane, representing Altair as the chief guest, alongside Mr. Ranjith Kumar H. S. and Cdr. (Dr.) Anil Rana, highlighted the significance of this collaboration in preparing students for the future challenges of engineering.

Both MIT and Altair have expressed great enthusiasm for their joint venture, emphasizing its potential to significantly narrow the gap between academic knowledge and industry practice. This collaboration is not just a step towards enhancing the quality of engineering education but also a milestone in ensuring that students and faculty are equipped to drive innovation and tackle complex challenges in the field of mechatronics.