It will not be longer before commuters from Coimbatore will have an easier route to travel to the outskirts of the city, avoiding the hustle and bustle of the city’s busy traffic. The commencement of the Coimbatore Western Outer Ring Road which has been in talks for the past few years is just a few months away from being fully operational. The Government has already proposed releasing the tender, post which the works will soon be scheduled to be completed within mere months.

The works will see the development of the 32.4 km, a four-lane road connecting Madukkarai on the Coimbatore-Palakkad Road to Narasimmanaickenpalayam on the Mettupalayam Road, which is anticipated to reduce traffic congestion on city roads by almost 40%, mainly for motorists who will take the route to travel to Mettupalayam, Nilgiris, and Mysuru. The proposed road expansion project will cover localities which will include Madukkarai, Sundakamuthur, Perur, Chettipalayam, Theethipalayam, Madhampatti, Chellappa Palayam, Siruvani Road to Kanuvai and Anaikatti Road to Narasimhanaikenpalayam in three phases. This initiative by the government to upgrade and extend road connectivity across the state however has an unnoticed side of the picture, which is the infrastructural development on the Ring Road and its vicinity following being operative. The location has always been a desired target spot for upscale real estate and social development ever since its initial proposal.

The recent update on the progress of the Western Ring Road is anticipated to naturally increase the momentum of land acquisition by real estate developers as its vicinities are already witnessing large land parcels being sold for commercial and residential purposes where high-end civil amenities like schools, hospitals, entertainment avenues like malls, cinema theatres, and gated residential communities are proposed to operate in the coming years. Another significant highlight of the Outer Ring Road is that it will have good connectivity with the Coimbatore (L&T) Bypass Road, an emerging hotspot for major infrastructural development which is in proximity with the upcoming Rs. 1,132 crores Coimbatore airport expansion project, Rs. 225 crores proposed defense corridor project, and the Rs. 168 crores Vellalore integrated bus terminus, which will be the largest integrated bus stand.

Ring Roads around the nation:

This is nevertheless not a distinctive case, Ring Roads around the nation have been always been instrumental in instituting massive infrastructural development, as they have witnessed the establishment of large-scale IT parks, schools, restaurants, and even healthcare facilities on its belt due to the availability of vast empty spaces in its vicinity. A major example of this is the development around the 158 km Jawaharlal Nehru Outer Ring Road in Hyderabad which is the largest ring road in the nation. The progress along Hyderabad’s Outer Ring Road (ORR) has already initiated numerous proposed large-scale townships, logistics hubs, and IT corridors. It has directly propelled the city’s transformation into a global hub with scope for more future development.

Similarly, the garden city’s 60 km ongoing massive Bangalore Peripheral Ring Road project apart from the traffic de-congestion foresees massive ultramodern real-estate development such as the establishment of high-rise buildings, future metro network, EV charging point stations and helipads for air-ambulance in the upcoming years. Its Neighboring city, Mysore’s 42.5-kilometer peripheral ring road is also seeing a revival in its market value as it is being instrumental in urbanizing nearly 40 villages on the outskirts of the city, especially with the Karnataka State Cricket Association’s (KSCA) planning to construct an International Cricket Stadium along the vicinity of the road. Up north, Delhi consists of one of the most prominent ring roads of the country, an 87 km combined main and outer ring road, which is also considered an emerging spot for infrastructural development as the government has already allotted around 15 acres of prime land along the Ring Road for commercial development which will include proposals for major malls and luxury hotels to be constructed.

Down south, Chennai holds its own ground in this discussion as it has seen colossal real-estate and commercial development around its Outer Ring Road belt. Even in its recent overhaul of development, the government has announced allocating 550 acres of land along the 62-km Chennai Outer Ring Road (State Highway 234) within which around 87 large-scale commercial development projects have been proposed. The ring road connects NH45 at Vandalur, NH4 at Nazarathpet, NH 205 at Nemilichery, NH5 at Nallur, and TPP road at Minjur will consist of projects which include a CMDA regional office, a hockey turf, an indoor stadium, a river-front park, musical fountain, and an urban park among others.

Development around Coimbatore Western Ring Road Vicinage:

The growth of ring roads around the nation clearly indicates that the Coimbatore Western Outer Ring Road is going to see a splurt of real estate development once it is up and running, which is not very far away. The development of this project post-completion is expected to thrust Coimbatore into being an emerging global destination. The city has already established numerous IT and software hubs which include TIDEL Park, Tata Consultancy Services, Cognizant Technology Solutions, Robert Bosch, DELL, KGISL, and CSS Corp Pvt Ltd with many more organizations coming up. These improvements are currently drawing in thousands of people to migrate into the city. Plots are currently selling like never before. Regions that will benefit from the progress of the road expansion are expected to skyrocket triple fold of its current investment especially places like Kovaipudur(also known as Little Ooty), which are capable of sustaining residential, commercial, and industrial establishments, making it the perfect spot to cater to the upcoming future Coimbatore. Buyers are already investing in lands here as the region already has numerous amenities which include schools, colleges, supermarkets, commercial offices, restaurants, and residential communities. With the initial phases of road expansion on track to commence, it will be of no surprise when all the development comes into place and merges with existing amenities, the land appreciation rate and real estate value of the land will be sky-high.