Torque Pharma

Chandigarh, 19th January 2024: Torque Pharma, a leading pharmaceutical company, has unveiled a transformative brand identity under the theme ‘Better Together.’ This strategic rebranding, initiated in 2024 with a fresh team and forward vision, signifies Torque Pharma’s commitment to fostering collaboration, synergy, and unity in delivering innovative and high-quality healthcare solutions. The bold, dynamic, and new logo unveiled in this process captures the essence of the ‘Better Together’ theme.

This rebrand aligns seamlessly with Torque’s evolution, emphasizing crucial elements such as partnerships, expert collaborations, and the cultivation of an efficient work environment, reflecting the company’s growth trajectory. The overarching goal is to emphasize unity and a shared purpose among stakeholders, marking Torque Pharma’s collective progress within the dynamic healthcare landscape. Key initiatives include partnerships with global research facilities, collaboration with expert scientists, and the cultivation of an efficient work environment, collectively contributing to Torque Pharma’s commitment to bettering the health and well-being of its people, communities, and the planet.

A.I.S Bedi, Managing Director of Torque Pharmaceuticals, said, “In 1985, Mr. PS Chhatwal and I founded Torque Pharma with a vision to make quality medicine accessible to all. Today, Torque Pharma stands tall, embodying four decades of remarkable growth and positive impact in healthcare. Beyond a pharmaceutical entity, Torque has been a force for positive change, committed to high ethical standards and excellence. Our journey, marked by perseverance and passion, has evolved into a mission for holistic wellness, making us integral to the communities we serve. Torque, with a dedicated team of over 2000, is not just a company but a commitment to building a healthier and more accessible world. Our heartfelt thanks to everyone for being part of this transformative journey, contributing to Torque’s success and vision for a better, more inclusive future.”

Mandeep Singh, Executive Director of Torque Pharmaceuticals, said, “Torque Pharma, marks a new era in its journey by unveiling a new dynamic logo in 2024. Beyond pharmaceuticals, our global expansion includes ventures into Ayurveda, wellness, and Jal Mineral Water. The ‘Better Together’ theme symbolizes collaboration, unity, and innovation in healthcare. This strategic rebranding mirrors Torque Pharma’s evolution, emphasising unity and shared purpose. The logo represents our dedication to quality and transparency, while ‘Better Together’ signifies continuous improvement in medicines, sustainability, and community outreach. Torque Pharma’s transformative journey is a testament to achievements made when we are truly Better Together — with the world, for the world.”

“Better Together” serves as the emblem of Torque Pharma’s unwavering commitment to perpetual improvement, spotlighting unity as the catalyst for progress. Torque Pharma is committed to continuous advancements, whether in the efficacy of medicines, environmental sustainability, or community outreach. This fresh brand positioning seamlessly aligns with Torque Pharma’s core values, emphasizing synergy as the driving force for innovation, growth, and an improved quality of life.