Narayana Health City

Bengaluru,17th January 2024: Narayana Health City, Bengaluru achieved a remarkable feat in 2023 by conducting over 215 pediatric bone marrow transplants within a single year – this is amongst the highest no. of pediatric BMTs performed at a single medical center in the World. This exceptional achievement has helped rank Narayana Health City amongst the top centers globally.

BMTs are on a steady rise in India, with about 2,500 transplants being performed yearly unlike five years ago when it was less than 500. Though the number of BMTs being performed is increasing, it is less than 10% of the actual requirement in India.

Dr. Emmanuel Rupert, MD & Group CEO of Narayana Health, said, “In India, over one lakh patients with serious blood related disorders requiring Bone Marrow Transplant are diagnosed every year. We established this unit in 2004 with a vision of providing world-class care, and I am glad to say that our Narayana Health City Bangalore has conducted over 2000 bone marrow transplants in both adult and pediatric age groups. This is just the beginning, and the journey to provide BMT treatment to all beneficiaries still has a long way to go.”

“Narayana Health has also taken proactive measures in the realm of hematological cancers and other blood disorders. The hospital chain’s Bone Marrow Transplant (BMT) program has expanded significantly, offering life-saving solutions to patients with suffering from cancers and blood-related disorders. In 2023, 215 children underwent BMT at Narayana Health City, Bengaluru successfully” said Dr. Sunil Bhat, Vice Chairman of Oncology and Director and Head of Pediatric Hematology Oncology at Narayana Health City.

The strong growth in BMTs is highlighted, with Narayana Health – Mazumdar Shaw Medical Centre (MSMC) in Bangalore now recognized as the largest facility for BMT in India. This achievement signifies a leadership position in the field of oncology and hematology and reinforces the organization’s commitment to providing advanced and specialized medical services. Narayana Health’s Delhi, Mumbai, and Kolkata are other Centers of Excellence with a significant number of BMTs to their credit.

“Our Centers include specialized units for Autologous BMT, Leukaemia & Lymphoma, Aplastic Anaemia, Thalassemia, and Sickle Cell Anaemia. We are committed to extending the Molecular Research Lab, offering cutting-edge services such as unrelated donor transplants, haplo-identical transplants, cell therapies for viral infections, CAR-T Therapy, and a well-equipped laboratory conducting essential tests for Stem Cell transplants,” added Dr. Sunil Bhat.

Bone marrow transplantation is a vital procedure replacing damaged bone marrow with healthy stem cells, primarily addressing blood cancers like leukemia and lymphoma. Two types exist—Autologous, using the patient’s own collected stem cells post-treatment, and Allogeneic, utilizing donor stem cells for potential cures. In India, bone marrow transplants have evolved with notable trends, including increased accessibility and affordability. Advancements in transplantation techniques, such as haploidentical and cord blood transplants, enhance outcomes. Hospitals now prioritize comprehensive post-transplant care, featuring specialized units and psychological support for enduring patient well-being, marking significant progress in this critical medical field.