Resonance College

Hyderabad,16th August 2023: Resonance Colleges, Hyderabad; hosted a creative and inspiring Independence Day celebration, with students forming a human chain in the shape of an Indian map and conducting a parade of students carrying a 75-meter-long India flag aloft, to mark the 77th Independence day of India, at the Resonance Gurukul Campus, Patancheru; today.

Chief Guest Shri Shekar Kammula, Renowned Director; joined Resonance college students along with Shri Purnachandra Rao, Managing Director, Resonance Hyderabad Centres; in the parade holding the Indian flag.

Addressing the students Shri Shekar Kammula said, congratulate all of you for celebrating Independence day in an innovative way by marching with the 75-meter Indian flag. My advice to students present here is, as students all of you want to pursue a career of engineering, medicine, science, or lawyer or be a topper; but at this age one is not sure of what he genuinely wants to become. Even I was not aware of what I wanted to be when I was of your age. We might feel disheartened at not achieving those career goals or do as well as some of our fellow classmates. But that’s not a deficiency in you, each one of us has some special talent and we need to identify and nurture that and do well in our lives. I am an example for it, I was an average student of engineering, but I realized my inclination was for movies and explored that talent to produce movies. So, more than being in the race to score high marks, develop your personality, which is nothing but being humane, understanding others’ problems and challenges, develop empathy which is more important in life, and grow into a well-rounded person.

To see students participating in large numbers at the Independence Day celebrations at Resonance Gurukul Campus, Patancheru; is heartening. It helped instill a sense of pride at a young age, for our great nation. It also served as an opportunity to remind them of the great sacrifices our forefathers made to achieve the liberty we enjoy today. Such celebrations not only honor our past but also inspire future generations to contribute positively to the growth and development of the country as it thrives on the Global stage, says Shri Purnachandra Rao.

Over 1200 students from both the school and college, participated in the celebrations.