New Delhi, 23rd August 2023:– Leading healthcare pioneer, Zeon Lifesciences Limited is pleased to announce the successful launch of its invigorating internal workout sessions, which are intended to promote a culture of health and fitness within the company and prioritize employee well-being.

Yashna Garg, CMO, of Zeon Lifesciences Limited in response to the event.

A fitness trainer, Ena Gupta, is leading the company’s dynamic well-being sessions. Her experience empowers individuals to exceed their fitness goals, fostering an environment of growth.

“Employee well-being is at the core of our company’s values, and we believe that fostering a healthy and active lifestyle is crucial for the overall happiness and productivity of our employees,” says Yashna Garg, CMO, of Zeon Lifesciences Limited in response to the event.

By valuing and prioritizing employee well-being, we build a strong, cohesive, and resilient team that not only achieves business objectives but also contributes positively to society. As the CMO of Zeon Lifesciences, I am proud to be a part of an organization that places the well-being of its employees at the forefront of its values, and I am committed to continuously enhancing and expanding these efforts for the betterment of our team members.” Yashna Added

Employees sweated, grinned, and enthusiastically embraced the burn during the session, which was welcomed with great enthusiasm. Through this initiative, Zeon Lifesciences Limited intends to keep setting up frequent fitness events to give its staff members access to the best motivation and fitness advice.

The business continues to place a high focus on its dedication to the well-being of its employees. It’s commitment to designing a remarkable workplace is supported via a host of factors including -:

● Prioritizing employee well-being: Realizing the significance of a healthy workforce, Zeon Lifesciences offers comprehensive health insurance coverage for its employees. The company also puts a lot of emphasis on an employee’s mental well-being, this devotion to employee well-being echoes the organization’s culture of valuing employees like family.

● Consistent training: The Company also invests significantly in the growth and development of its employees via robust Internal and external training programs. These initiatives allow individuals to bolster their skills and knowledge, facilitating personal and professional growth.

● Fun and celebration: Zeon Lifesciences Limited thrives on promoting a dynamic and engaging work environment that values its employees’ contributions and well-being. One of the ways is by recognizing significant milestones and occasions, such as birthdays and work anniversaries. In addition to commemorating milestones, Zeon Lifesciences goes the extra mile to provide its employees with avenues for relaxation and recreation. The office premises are equipped with various indoor games like Carrom and Ludo, allowing employees to unwind and bond over friendly matches during breaks.

Furthermore, Zeon Lifesciences prioritizes efficient workflows and streamlined operations, by building effective team structures. This ensures that employees can work effectively and contribute towards the accomplishment of the organization’s objectives.