Actor MD Desi Rockstar is a popular name in Haryana and his videos get millions of views. MD Desi Rockstar is not only an actor but also a director. The full name of the famous rapper MD by the name of Desi Rockstar is Manoj Dawan. Born in Gurugram, the 36-year-old MD came in contact with music director and rapper Kulbir Danoda (KD) in 2008 and the duo gave several hit songs after that. MD’s one song ‘Na barah bor ki rakhun donali na sone ki chain…’ went viral garnering more than 1.2 crore times.

Since then, MD Rockstar has given many hits garnering millions of views. While MD Desi Rockstar collaborates with many producers, one lesser-known face behind some of his successful videos is Naresh Kumar. Born in Hisar, Naresh Kumar is just 10th pass and had struggling days in his early career. He worked as a driver for over 15 years. However, one day, he decided to follow his passion for song production and collaborated with MD Desi Rockstar to produce many hits.

His songs like Benaqab have been instant hits on YouTube. His another song ‘Desi Desi’ has over 38 million views while Dora song also has millions of impression.