Zee Media, Havas Play

To celebrate the harmonious blend of music, culture, and environmental consciousness, Havas Play, Zee Media, and Namami Gange has come together to launch a unique music festival ‘Ganga Kinare’ on the ghats of Varanasi. The inaugural edition of the festival will take place on Saturday, December 9, 2023. The initiative aims to celebrate the cultural richness of Varanasi and raise awareness about the significance of the holy river Ganga.

Nestled against the timeless ghats of Varanasi, the Ganga Kinare Music Festival promises an unforgettable sojourn, a symphony that reverberates through the sacred waters of the Ganga. Beyond being a melodic extravaganza, this grand celebration is a poignant ode to the purity and essence of rivers. Beyond the enchanting performances, the Ganga Kinare Music Festival aspires to be a catalyst for change, calling upon its attendees to become stewards of river preservation, fostering a lasting bond between the festival-goers and the sacred waters that flow through the heart of Varanasi.

Aligned with the globally recognized ‘Namami Gange Programme’ championed by the United Nations, the festival transcends the realms of entertainment, aspiring to create a dynamic community of river champions. The Ganga Kinare Music Festival aligns with the national mission for a cleaner Ganga. It seeks to build a community dedicated to championing rivers and establishing a unique bond between the younger generation and the holy river. The journey begins in Varanasi in 2023 and will continue through Rishikesh (2024), Prayagraj (2025), Patna (2026), and Kolkata (2027).

Abhay Ojha, CEO of Zee Media Corporation Limited highlighted, “At Zee Media, we believe in the power of storytelling through diverse mediums. Our partnership with Havas Play and Namami Gange, stands at the forefront of a cultural and environmental movement. Through this festival, we invite our widespread viewers and readers to not just witness but actively participate in the call for river conservation and cultural preservation. Let the music be the bridge that connects us to the soul of Varanasi and the sacred Ganga.”

Mona Jain, CRO – Zee Media Corporation Ltd, further expressed, “Ganga Kinare Music Festival is a testament to the transformative power of music and its ability to unite people in celebration. We firmly believe in the profound impact of cultural initiatives and are thrilled to be part of this initiative that harmonizes the beats of our traditions with the melodies of the Ganges, fostering a deeper connection with our roots and a commitment to the conservation of our sacred rivers.”

Interestingly, Havas Play will ensure a seamless blend of cultural immersion and entertainment, leveraging digital and social media exposure to extend the festival’s reach. Collaborations with headline artists will include exclusive content creation and behind-the-scenes access. Speaking on the collaboration, R. Venkatasubramanian, Managing Director – Havas Play and President Investments – Havas Media said, “India’s rich legacy continues to influence and enthral people from around the world. It is critical that we find newer ways to celebrate them and pass on the legacy to the newer generation. Music is the universal language that binds people across all age groups, and transcends geographies. Hence Ganga Kinare Music Festival blends in the power of music in the historic city of Varanasi on the banks of the holy Ganga. The Festival aspires not just to captivate audiences but to crescendo into a global festival deeply rooted in India’s history, evolving with the beats of our collective journey.”

At its core, the event seeks to forge a unique connection between the younger generation and the holy Ganga, weaving together the threads of music and cultural heritage to illuminate the path of river preservation. This initiative encourages an enduring dedication to the preservation of our revered waters and the safeguarding of our rich cultural heritage.