Vihaan Malkan

Vihaan Pratik Malkan is the visionary Founder, behind DYD, India’s pioneering player in the automotive service industry, committed to transforming how car owners experience vehicle maintenance and care. Vihaan comes from the family of Aparna Enterprises Limited, which is the market leader and is redefining the construction industry in India with the best industrial standards, agile practices, and eco-friendly building materials With an unwavering commitment to steer the company’s course.

The inception of DYD, a brainchild of Vihaan, further marked his life’s transformative juncture. He decided to leave his family legacy behind and astutely presented the innovative concept of DYD to stakeholders, securing support and investment. Through personal networks, DYD demonstrated the feasibility of its services, laying the foundation for trust and credibility. Vihaan’s strategic prowess was evident in developing an all-encompassing business model characterized by cutting-edge technology, a user-centric mobile app, and a feature-rich website.

His journey of academic excellence began with the IGCSE program at Jamnabai Narsee International School, followed by the IBDP program at Ecole Mondiale World School. Vihaan honed his leadership skills while pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management at the University of Exeter. Having studied at this top-tier UK university, he broadened his perspective on leadership across diverse cultures and contexts. The guidance from distinguished professors further enriched his views, leading to an evolution towards a more open, empathetic, and inclusive leadership approach.

Vickaash Agarwal

Vickaash Agarwal belongs to an orthodox family, which follows a traditional business model. But this however did not excite him much. He had always dreamt of starting his own professional venture. Moreover, as head of the C&F department of the family business dealing with companies like Procter & Gamble, he knew he wanted to set up a company on a national and an international platform, but at the same time, a business that would make him happy.

Vickaash Agarwal, the chairperson and MD of Kids Campus International Preschool, became interested in early childhood education while researching the significance of preschools in a child’s development. His exploration revealed a lack of accessible and successful preschool education, particularly in tier II & III cities in India. Recognizing the critical need for quality preschool education in these underserved areas, Agarwal envisioned a solution to revolutionize this segment. He aimed to bridge the gap by founding Kids Campus, driven by a vision to provide high-quality preschool education universally, irrespective of social strata, thereby enhancing India’s global educational standing.

Atharva Samant

Coming from a family dealing with the cement industry and working in its sales division was not Atharva Samant’s call of passion. He quit the family business to set up his own.

Atharva Samant, the CEO of Tisa Tech Secure Pvt. Ltd., transitioned from a family-owned cement distributorship to founding his own venture due to a desire for a fresh start in an area aligned with his engineering expertise: technology-driven security solutions. His motivation stemmed from the heightened security concerns in Mumbai following the 26/11 attacks, creating a perceived need for advanced asset protection using evolving technology.

Driven by the excitement of operating in the rapidly growing private security sector and the prospect of pioneering new solutions, Samant found inspiration in utilizing advancing technology for efficient security measures. However, transitioning from a family business to his own setup involved overcoming challenges, including the need to establish unique processes and constantly proving his capabilities to both himself and skeptical family and friends. Despite the demanding nature of starting a new venture, Samant acknowledges the valuable lessons learned from his family business, emphasizing the importance of people management, client servicing, and disciplined work, principles he observed and effectively utilized in both contexts.

Moving out of a family business has its share of highs and lows. While the biggest challenge is getting out of the comfort zone, what matters the most is to keep reiterating the vision and goals in order to keep the enthusiasm from flagging.

Pranav Ashar

Pranav Ashar, despite having no initial interest in joining his father’s accounting firm, harbored a passion for art and culture, particularly world cinema. This passion led him to establish the Enlighten Film Society three years ago, aiming to share his enthusiasm for foreign films and broaden the cinematic experience for enthusiasts. As the founder and chairman, Ashar transitioned the society’s concept into a viable business model, aiming to deepen the understanding of cinema and offer diverse options to cinephiles. His aspiration extended beyond mere appreciation, seeking to become an entrepreneur in the realm of cinema.

Reflecting on the contrast between a family business and starting his own venture, Ashar highlighted the difference in autonomy. While family businesses come with established rules, branching out independently allowed him to craft his own rules and break conventional norms. He acknowledged the challenges inherent in ideating and creating something new, emphasizing the need for individuals with specific skill sets. Ashar recognized the value of incorporating traditional family teachings into his work while remaining open to embracing new ideas, technology, and modern processes in his entrepreneurial journey.