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An epic battle, a mega-blockbuster, and a film that brought the country together – ab fir machega gadar as Zee Cinema announces the World Television Premiere of Gadar 2 on Saturday, November 4th at 8 pm. A film made for the people, loved by the people, a film that surpassed all box office collections, bringing people back to theatres – Gadar 2 became more than a film, it became an emotion, a movement.

In a remarkable event that preceded the grand television premiere, Zee Cinema brought the world of Gadar 2 to life in an unprecedented manner. A special tank, a symbol of the movie’s larger-than-life appeal, was showcased at Carter Road in Mumbai, creating an immersive experience that allowed viewers to step into the grandeur and world of the film itself. Utkarsh Sharma, Simrat Kaur, and Manish Wadhwa, the stars of the film, graced the occasion, further igniting the excitement. The evening was nothing short of spectacular, with fans creating a frenzy as they witnessed their beloved actors up close. We saw fans screaming dialogues, performing the steps of the film, and reminding us of the craze that was Gadar. That’s not all – the cheer as the cast climbed onto the tank was unprecedented! The event truly set the stage for an unforgettable experience that awaits viewers when Gadar 2 premieres on Zee Cinema.

Zee Cinema has gone all out to make people experience the film, bringing an entire tank to the city, no compromises!

On the announcement, Utkarsh Sharma said, “It is heart-warming to see how people are coming together to show us their love. That only goes to show how connected they are to the film. Gadar 2 is India’s blockbuster and you can see it with all the adoration it is still receiving from the public and now that it’s going to premiere on TV, I’m sure it’ll become every home’s blockbuster. Ab har ghar mein machega gadar!”

Simrat Kaur added, “Gadar 2 is not a film anymore, it has now become the audience’s emotion. I am truly lucky to have had my debut with this film, a special thanks to everyone who gave me a chance. People don’t know me as Simrat, they only know me as Muskaan, there isn’t a bigger success for any actor. I made my debut in the world of cinema with Gadar 2, and now it’s time to make my television debut. Please join us once again on Zee Cinema on 4th November”

Manish Wadhwa said, “People have created gadar in theatres. I am confident, the ones who have seen it will watch it again and the ones who haven’t yet, tune in to Zee Cinema on 4th November at 8pm! With the television premiere, phir se gadar machegi, I’m sure”

Director Anil Sharma said, “Gadar 2 has had an incredible journey since its release, and it’s amazing to see its appeal with the audiences. Gadar 2 only proves how the magic of cinema and storytelling binds us all together. Gadar has lived in people’s hearts for years now, it was a privilege to have a chance to take the values and the emotions of Gadar ahead with Gadar 2 and I’m delighted that Zee Cinema is bringing this film to a wider audience with its World television Premiere. This is not only our movie, ‘yeh janta ki movie hai’ and Zee Cinema is bringing iss janta ki movie ko janta ke ghar”

Directed by Anil Sharma, starring the stellar cast of Sunny Deol, Ameesha Patel, Utkarsh Sharma, Simrat Kaur, Manish Wadhwa, and Luv Sinha, this sequel carries forward the legacy of Gadar – Ek Prem Katha, now highlighting the essence of love, family, and the enduring bond between a father and his son.

Prepare yourself to be part of an ongoing historic journey in cinema with a film full of emotions, love, values and of course, the legendary Sunny Deol! Experience the grandeur of Gadar 2, a film that has already captivated the hearts of millions, only on Zee Cinema!