Human resources is one of the many sectors that technology has affected. The hiring process has changed significantly throughout the years. These days, bias has decreased and a productive process of selecting qualified individuals has begun. Interviews are now offered by HR tech businesses as a service to assist recruiters in finding the right candidate and fostering business expansion.

Below are the top 5 HR Tech companies that are working towards the reduction of bias in the hiring process in India:

To help the business world find the ideal candidate for their organization, InCruiter offers cutting-edge, technologically advanced interview solutions that are precise and accurate. Their services have helped businesses and startups enhance their hiring procedures. By taking care of the interview requirements, we want to free up the HR staff to concentrate on their primary business duties.

Interviewer.AI is another video interview platform on the list that brings you efficiency. Using AI, the platform conducts pre-screening and shortlisting, identifying the best-fit candidates for your specific role.

An all-in-one platform for automating and outsourcing your technical screenings is provided by Intervue. Asynchronous video interviews and organized live coding are conducted by our worldwide pool of well-screened engineers. In five minutes, you obtain comprehensive applicant reports and interview recordings.

They are the provider of the “interview as a service,” assisting companies in aligning skill sets with job needs to locate the ideal addition to their team. Their group of skilled software engineers and interviewers is adept at gathering detailed information, evaluating information, and offering insightful advice that helps businesses succeed.

They conduct technical interviews on behalf of businesses to assist them in quickly recruiting the best candidates. They are enthusiastic about coming up with creative ways to make recruiting easier while yet providing excellent results.