Tiger Shroff backed BUILD

Bangalore,24th June 2023: Hydro Active ISO 8 (Whey Isolate) and Lean Muscle Enhancer (Premium Protein), two sports nutrition products from the BUILD. PROWL range has achieved the notable ‘Informed Sport’ certification. This certification further assures the quality of the products for consumption by professional athletes. Hydro Active ISO 8 and Lean Muscle Enhancer are now among the few products in the Indian market to successfully pass the rigorous testing for more than 250 substances that are prohibited in sports. This mark also confirms that the product was made under conditions that meet the strict requirements for producing sports nutrition.

Informed-Sport is a global quality assurance and supplement certification program for sports supplements. It is the only worldwide program for third-party testing and certification that examines each batch of a product before it is put on the market. The tests are conducted by LGC (the internationally known testing laboratory behind Informed Sport) a famous sports doping control and research supplement testing facility with more than 55 years of experience in regulatory analysis. LGC collaborates closely with international sports authorities, national anti-doping organizations, and national governing bodies as a doping control and supplement testing lab.

Commenting on the same, Soumava Sengupta, CEO, BUILD., said “In a short span of time, we have been able to win consumer trust with our unique offerings for the Indian market. The Informed-Sport certification now strengthens our brand portfolio while we embark on our journey to build a fit India. It is a testament to our unwavering commitment to providing athletes and fitness enthusiasts with the highest quality and safest sports nutrition products. The BUILD. PROWL range has truly transformed the way fitness is approached in India, and this certification further reinforces our dedication to delivering excellence.”

Informed-Sport analyses sports supplement products for a wide range of compounds on the WADA Prohibited List as well as lists for organizations like the AFL, NRL, NFL, NCAA, UFC, and MLB. The rigorous pre-certification and post-certification process for nutritional supplement products certified by Informed-Sport consists of four steps:

  1. Product & Manufacturing Review
  2.  Pre-Certification Sample Testing
  3.  Product Supplement Certification, Logo Use, and Web Listing
  4.  Post-Certification Requirements and Testing

Launched in April 2023, BUILD. PROWL’s Hydro Active ISO 8 and Lean Muscle Enhancer are available for Indian consumers and athletes across 500+ specialty sports nutrition stores, top gyms, and leading e-commerce platforms like Amazon and BUILD.’s website https://www.buildyourgoals.com/.