buildingSMART International

Slovenia and India,24th June 2023: buildingSMART International (bSI) announced that CDCPIndia has been formally approved as a “Developing Chapter” by the bSI Board at the International Council and Chapter Conference hosted in Slovenia, 19-21 June 2023.

The Board’s approval follows a highly successful submission and the new Chapter will be established under the Confederation of Digital Construction Practitioners India (CDCPIndia). CDCPIndia’s board members, Mr. Sunil Joshi and Dr. Venkata Santosh Kumar Delhi presented the bSI India Chapter’s strategic business plan where they emphasized on the ambitious infrastructure development plan of Indian Government and how digitalisation can help in achieving the National Infrastructural Goals. Also, the global participation of the Indian BIM & Digital Engineering community is substantial. India’s participation, awareness, and adoption of the Open BIM Standards will not only benefit India but will also be reciprocated in India’s engagement with the global community. The buildingSMART approval of India chapter serves as an acknowledgment of tremendous potential offered by the country to embark on data democratisation. It marks a momentous occasion in India’s participation in adoption of open BIM specifications in its digitalisation journey in the built environment.

Jugal Makwana, Board member of bSI and Advisory Director of CDCPIndia expressed that “buildingSMART India is a dream come true, empowering India through open standards. By democratising data and fostering collaboration, we unlock tremendous value, enabling sustainable projects that shape a brighter future for all.”

Clive Billiald, CEO of bSI commented that “adding India as a new Developing Chapter for buildingSMART is another milestone in our history. It shows the importance of standards and services in supporting a rapidly growing economy, allowing the digitalisation of the construction sector and ultimately leading to a more productive, sustainable built environment. Clearly there is a great opportunity to support this journey, with programs such as Professional Certification able to provide education and learning opportunities to the AEC community in India.”

Swaraj Datta Gupta, President of CDCPIndia mentioned that “this partnership between bSI and CDCPIndia is a partnership of values, vision and common objectives that resonate in our commitments towards building a global community that will share and collaborate in a democratised data environment. We are very excited about this partnership and look forward to working together.”

The Indian team at the bSI International Council and Chapter Conference Council received a very warm welcome from the leadership of other existing chapters from various regions which include Europe, North America, South America, Asia Pacific, Southeast Asia.