Taazgi Bhari Pyaali

14th December 2023 Mumbai- The reason why Society Tea has withstood the test of time over many decades is because of its consistent taste, vouched for by generations within the same family, across Maharashtra. That’s because this promise of freshness comes from a family steeped in tea legacy. We proudly say ‘By the tea people. Of the tea people. For the tea people.’

Society Tea’s latest print, outdoor, retail, television and online campaign further illustrates this promise of freshness that most of Maharashtra enjoy every morning, and throughout the day.

To amplify its freshness story, in this campaign, Society Tea went back to the source of freshness – the tea gardens.

There’s a certain inherent charm and appeal associated with the verdant landscape sprawling across the vista like a carpet of tea leaves.

Karan Shah, Director of Society Tea says, “The Idea is to convey that the freshness of Society Tea is as fresh as if it’s plucked right from the tea garden. Flush with Taazgi. The tea picker in the tea garden is an imagery we all readily associate with. All we did was, replace the tea basket with the Society Tea pack.”

He further adds, “And in terms of execution, we wanted to create a mood – the misty mountains, the tea pickers, earthy tones, ambient texture and in the case of the film, a gentle reveal of the pack in the end…