Story of determination

Mumbai, 23rd November 2023: Amazon miniTV – Amazon’s free video streaming service recently released its much-awaited sports drama series, Slum Golf, which has created a lot of buzz among sports lovers. The series striking a chord and touching the hearts of viewers is being applauded for its inspiring and captivating narrative. Slum Golf chronicles the life of Pawan, a young boy from the Slums of Mumbai with a dream to become a pro-golfer. With hardships and challenges at every step, he conquers the Golf course with his strong willpower. If you haven’t watched this unbridled sports drama yet, here are the reasons why it must be on your watch list.

● Inspiring and strong Storyline: The storyline of Slum Golf is very strong and impactful right from the very first episode. Setting the emotional quotient right, the story unfolds the life of Pawan on how he fights for his passion with zeal and determination. Even though he faces obstacles in the form of financial difficulties and social restraints, he gives it his all to strike his goal on the target. For many young people who are seeking that extra push, his story of standing up to pursue his passion is incredibly encouraging. Slum Golf is an intriguing story with a strong screenplay that seeks to arouse feelings of passion and self-belief.

● A thought provoking message for everyone: With provocative scenes and dialogues, the show portrays the contrasting social life of Mumbai. The gritty setting of the slum region heightens the authenticity of the storyline. Emphasizing its emotive and relatable aspects, the series takes a strong stance against the uncertain and difficult lives of the people living in the Slums. It also leaves a lasting impression on people’s thoughts, highlighting how everyone has aspirations and the willpower to achieve them regardless of their circumstances or status.

● Skilful cast ensemble: With his true and genuine performance, Mayur More brings the real and authentic character of Pawan on the screen. The actor is seen playing golf with ease and a pro-level skill set, which fits well with his character. Sharad Kelkar, who aptly captures the nuanced nature of the character as Coach Rane, co-stars with him. The audience will be deeply moved by their immersive performance, experiencing intense emotions and leaving them with happy tears.

● An intense ride on a golf course: The golf match scenes in the series keep you on the edge of your seat. The intense moves and shots, with every goal, will undoubtedly inspire the viewers to grip a golf stick and whack the ball. The decision making match of Pawan’s life filled with emotions, gripping moments is the physical and emotional core of the series.

● Free to watch: You can indulge in this sports drama, filled with emotional hook points, intense golf shots and inspiring moments for free. Well, no need to pay anything to view this intriguing and aspirational show on a subscription basis. Slum Golf is streaming for free on Amazon miniTV and Fire TV, as well as the Amazon Shopping App and the Google Play Store.

Indulge in this endearing tale and experience the range of emotions with Slum Golf on Amazon miniTV available on Amazon’s shopping app, on Fire TV, and on Play Store.