Covestro, one of the leading suppliers of specialty films for identification (ID) documents, is once again setting new standards by pushing the boundaries of innovation in this field. With its commitment to improving the security features that protect modern ID documents from counterfeiting and tampering, the company looks forward to showcasing its latest developments at Trustech 2023 trade fair in Paris, France, from November 28-30.

Covestro offers an extensive portfolio of specialty films that help create excellent, secure ID documents. This includes ID cards and driver’s licenses made from Makrofol® ID polycarbonate (PC) films, as well as passports made using Platilon® thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) film materials. Through advanced PC and TPU films, the company develops security feature integration solutions that not only make ID documents highly counterfeit-resistant, but also easy to authenticate.

New horizons in passport booklet security

The industry agrees: Identity documents made of monolithic polymer laminates such as polycarbonate offer increased security against counterfeiting. The foundation for the higher security is multiple features, embedded in various layers of polymer films that are laminated under the influence of heat and pressure in such a way that separation of the layers is impossible without irreparable damage to the document. “We are advancing the concept of multi-layered and laminated security features, from Makrofol® polycarbonate data pages to passport covers that use embossed and embedded features to help increase the security level,” says Daniel Hentschel, Global Segment Manager Identification.

As part of its program at Trustech 2023, Covestro is therefore proud to present its new concepts for passport booklets, where Platilon® TPU films play a central role by offering passport color, design flexibility and high anti-counterfeiting properties. These Platilon® TPU films from Covestro are suitable to produce flexible, wear-resistant passport covers that provide protection for embedded chips and antennas. These novel passport covers can be customized with different surface textures and colors.

The presentation of adjacent material solutions around identification documents from Covestro to create security features, hinge connections, as well as passport end page solutions underscores its commitment to the fight against counterfeiting. The result is an integrative ID material concept that is not only safe and durable, but also aesthetically impressive.

Meet us at Trustech 2023

Discover more into cutting-edge and sustainable film material solutions for ID documents by Covestro, we cordially invite you to visit our booth at C067 in Pavilion 5.2. Our experts will be available to provide insights and answers to your questions.

Additionally, Georgios Tziovaras, Global Business Development Manager Identification Documents & Security Printing, will give a talk on ‘Security features in laminated passport book covers’: a presentation on the Innovation Stage on November 28 at 14:30 p.m. CET.