Sony India launches

New Delhi, 25th March 2024: Sony India today rolled out a Computer-Generated Imagery (CGI) campaign just in time for Holi which is aimed at transforming the way we enjoy this colorful festival. In line with the brand’s vision, this initiative showcases Sony’s renowned party speaker, the XV800, as the ultimate vibe setter.

This CGI-based video showcases the XV800 party speaker in a larger-than-life portrayal. The primary goal of this campaign is to amplify awareness about the product’s abilities to elevate any gathering. Check out the campaign here.

Speaking on the launch of the campaign Yugo Omura, Head of Brand Activation at Sony India said, “This CGI campaign is a new initiative from Sony India to engage our audience in a captivating manner with a high recall value. We aim to establish a stronger connect, showcasing the seamless integration of marketing and technology with our product lineup. Our top-selling XV800 party speaker reflects this commitment by delivering best-in-class music experience, elevating consumer experience to new heights.”

The XV800 party speaker is especially #TunedforIndia, with its exceptional bass, omnidirectional sound, and dynamic ambient lighting they make any gathering an unforgettable experience. The larger-than-life portrayal of the speaker perfectly aligns with Sony’s vision of setting new standards in the digital domain.

Crafted in collaboration with Interactive Avenues, the digital arm of IPG Mediabrands India, the campaign is meticulously designed to resonate with music lovers across the country. It targets individuals who enjoy various genres of music and like attending live music events and parties for maximum relevance and engagement.

“For generations, Sony has adeptly pioneered technology and content innovations for the world. Leveraging our techno-creative prowess and long-standing association with the brand, we have focused on delivering a visually spectacular, new-age experience that today’s digital audience craves,” added Abbhishek Chadha, EVP – North & East, Interactive Avenues.

The campaign video has been launched across Sony India’s social platforms including Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and X depicting the emergence of the XV800 speaker amidst a vibrant cityscape. As the scene unfolds, the atmosphere transforms into an energetic celebration, showing the speaker’s prowess in full form.