6th February 2024: In its relentless pursuit of innovation, SOMANY Ceramics has taken a major leap forward with the Somany Max Coverstone 15 Collection, which can truly be considered as a paradigm shift in luxury slabs. This revolutionary line combines cutting-edge technology, diverse designs, and a commitment to sustainability. The collection is not an ordinary range of slabs — rather a bold statement in design and functionality. It redefines spaces, offering an immersive experience in dimensions that range from 800x2400mm to the grand 800x2600mm and 800x3000mm. This collection with varied sizes is setting the bar high for large format premium slabs.

The celebrated Somany Max Coverstone 15 Collection incorporates the coveted Frittage Compact Slabs technology, a meticulous process involving exposure to extreme temperatures. This results in a surface that is not only visually striking but also remarkably resilient. Resistant to Fire, stain and scratches— the collection ensures longevity without compromising on elegance. The range further unfolds into distinct product lines, each offering a unique blend of artistry and functionality. Coverstone 15 stands out with its 15mm thickness, showcasing the harmonious blend of various inks and digital glazes. It goes beyond conventional tiles, promising surfaces that captivate and inspire. No matter what the application or use case remains, the true USP of the Somany Max Coverstone 15 Collection lies in its finish, durability and variants. Whether you’re someone looking for aesthetics or one who prefers natural tones in their interiors and spaces — the range covers all the verticals with relative ease.

It’s Technical Porcelain range stands out for its vibrant palette and unparalleled brightness. Crafted Full body slabs, include LEIA, Nebula, Stella, Alessia, and LITH, showcasing a uniform use of body granules. With striking new hues introduced in the industry for the first time like Brick Red, Ocean Blue, and Sapphire Blue, this range boasts the broadest spectrum of Technical porcelain slabs in the industry.

Somany Max Coverstone 15 collection has also garnered popularity for its Contemporary Surfaces, a culmination of innovation & aesthetics. From the velvety Ultra Matt Surfaces of QUILLTOUCH to the intricate designs of SHAPETech created through multiple printing machines, this range sets new standards. Imbibing 3-dimensional luxury granite, alongside the natural beauty of Natural Stone & Rare Earth Marbles, the exquisite surfaces of CARVO & GEMA collection redefine elegance with timeless sophistication and unparalleled grace. The ‘Somany Max Coverstone 15’ collection showcases precision in design, offering a diverse range of options for creating spaces that inspire.

When it comes to luxury polish, the ‘LUX’ range introduces high-gloss Glass top surfaces with stunning visual impact and unparalleled clarity. Replicating the patterns and textures of natural marbles, this range opens doors to endless design possibilities, serving as a sophisticated replacement. The ‘LUX’ range comes across as not just a collection of slabs but a journey into luxury — with each surface tells a unique story of timeless elegance.

In addition to its groundbreaking design and technology, the versatile Somany Max Coverstone 15 Slabs find extensive application across various settings, making it an ideal choice for a multitude of projects. Whether it’s for kitchen and vanity countertops, stylish table tops, elegant dining tables, durable staircases, sleek window sills, or the adornment of lift and door frames, the collection seamlessly integrates into diverse architectural elements. Its adaptability extends to wall and floor applications, where the minimized grout lines enhance visual appeal. The Somany Max Coverstone 15 Collection is not confined to residential spaces alone; it finds wide usage in hotels, lobbies, receptions, restaurants, lifts, kitchens, bathrooms, and more, making it the go-to choice for those seeking a perfect blend of functionality and sophistication in their spaces.

Beyond the aesthetics, the Somany Max Coverstone 15 reflects SOMANY Ceramic’s focus upon sustainability. Each slab from the range is a blend of innovation and responsibility, setting new industry standards. SOMANY Ceramics, as an industry leader, continues to push boundaries with the newly launched Collection. With these superior slabs, SOMANY has set its mission right, to transform spaces into refined, artistic environments.