Hyderabad, 6th February 2024 – byteXL, one of India’s leading EdTech platforms focused on transforming engineering institutes, has celebrated its 4th anniversary with great enthusiasm and grandeur in Hyderabad. The jubilant event drew together over 200 guests including byteXL Investors, business leaders, employees, and associates representing 22 engineering institutes nationwide.

Against the backdrop of festivity, byteXL orchestrated a series of celebratory activities, including inspirational speeches by the founder Karun Tadepalli, and co-founder Charan Tadepalli, engaging byteXL trivia games and collaborative team-building exercises. The occasion also served as a platform to honor and reward outstanding employees whose unwavering commitment has propelled byteXL’s mission of reshaping engineering education across the nation.

From a humble beginning in 2019 with just 2 employees, byteXL has burgeoned to a workforce exceeding 200 associates, who are actively training more than 1,20,000 engineering students across India. In the span of these remarkable 4 years, byteXL has been instrumental in facilitating the placement of more than 41,000 students in leading multinational corporations such as TCS, Infosys, Wipro, and numerous innovative product-based enterprises.

Overjoyed with the gathering, Mr.Joseph Joy,abyteXL investors, said, “The journey of byteXL over these 4 years exemplifies our dedication to advancing engineering education and aligning the engineering curriculum with industrial needs. This celebration is a testament to the collective efforts of every individual who has contributed to byteXL’s remarkable growth. As we celebrate this milestone, we are more committed than before and will continue to meet the growing engineering industry demands with the latest curriculum”.

With much joy, Mr.Krishna Kottapalli, another byteXL investor said,“I am thrilled to witness the growth of byteXL in 4 years and the heights it has conquered with this short span of time. The collective efforts of every individual involved in byteXL s growth reflects in its success. I am sure we will strive forward with even more enthusiasm, and we are excited about the journey ahead as well as remain committed to our sole purpose”