Revolutionising Bengaluru Transit

Bengaluru 15th April 2024: viaDOTS, India’s pioneering app-based digital meter taxi service, is unveiling a new opportunity for startups to collaborate and extend partnerships which is aimed at offering discounted cab rides to their employees during surge pricing in Bengaluru, Karnataka. These exclusive employee discount codes, in addition to viaDOTS’ competitive pricing, will significantly reduce ride fares, ensuring affordable commutes even during peak hours.

Amidst Bengaluru’s rise as the Silicon Valley of India, with the establishment of thousands of startups that contribute to nearly 20% of the country’s total startups, the city is subjected to massive surges in cab fares, particularly during the peak hours. The new feature launched by viaDOTS would allow employees of a partnered company to avail discounted prices, provided via unique discount codes to lower their already competitive prices, thanks to viaDOTS’ Digital Meter Taxi model – which ensures fair prices for both the driver and the consumer/rider.

A representative from viaDOTS, notes, “Owing to the influx of startups in the city, Bengaluru often undergoes massive cab fare surges during peak hours, making it impossible for employees/the workforce to avail cab rides on time, who either have to wait longer periods to find a cab with reasonable fares, or give up and pay higher cab fares – affecting the employees’ mental and physical health as well as their pockets. The new feature launched by viaDOTS aims to ease the commute process for the employees of the organizations that collaborate with us, ensuring not only lower prices but also allowing commuters to ride with their ‘favourite’ driver every day.”