Qurex Secures

[New Delhi -21st March 2024 ] – Qurex, a pioneering health tech brand dedicated to revolutionizing sexual health solutions, has successfully closed a pre-seed funding round, raising over $250,000. The investment, led by 7Square Ventures and PointOne Capital, reflects a strong vote of confidence in Qurex’s mission to destigmatize sexual health globally.

Founded by Shailja Mittal and Amit Singhi, Qurex is on a mission to become a dependable solution for sexual health, offering comprehensive solutions for sexual dysfunctions that impact over 200 million people in India and 1.4 billion globally. With a focus on addressing the psychological facets of sexual health for holistic treatment, Qurex emphasizes the importance of personalized care and support, embracing a no-quick-fix approach.

Amit Singhi Founder at Qurex said, “We’re thrilled to have secured this significant pre-seed funding, as it validates our mission to destigmatize sexual health and revolutionize the way people approach it. This investment from 7 Square Ventures and PointOne Capital not only provides us with the resources to expand our reach but also underscores the confidence in our therapy-first approach. With this support, we’re poised to make meaningful strides in improving sexual health globally, ensuring that individuals receive personalized, effective care. We’re excited to leverage this funding to introduce new services and technologies, further solidifying Qurex’s position as a leader in sexual healthcare innovation.”

Qurex’s plan revolves around therapy, diet, and exercises backed by highly qualified andrologists and psychiatrists specialized in sexual health, ensuring that individuals receive the most effective solutions for their specific needs. This commitment to sustainably helping people with their in-room performance issues has led to rapid growth, with over a 30% month-over-month revenue increase, underscoring the effectiveness of Qurex’s approach and the growing demand for sustainable solutions in the sexual health sector.

The funding will enable Qurex to further expand into new markets and develop its platform to enhance user experience. With plans to introduce new services and technological advancements, Qurex aims to stay at the forefront of health innovation, ensuring that individuals have access to the latest advancements in sexual healthcare.

Shailja Mittal, Founder at Qurex said “We are a brand which works on root cause analysis to identify the right treatment protocol for an individual rather than suggesting shilajit and ashwagandha to everyone. This investment will allow us to further develop our platform, strengthen our offerings, and deliver faster results, ultimately making a significant impact on the global sexual health market.”


“We believe that Qurex has the potential to make a significant impact on the global sexual health market,” said Mrinalini Arora from 7 Square Ventures. “Their commitment to innovation and destigmatization aligns with our values, and we are excited to support them on their journey.”

With the support of investors and the dedication of its founders, Qurex is well-positioned to revolutionize the sexual health industry, contributing to healthier relationships and improved quality of life for individuals worldwide.