News18 Tamil Nadu

19Th January 2024: News18 Tamil Nadu is set to broadcast an exclusive interview with Udhayanidhi Stalin, Tamil Nadu’s Sports Minister and key political figure, on the 18th of January at 8.00 PM. The interview delves deep into critical political aspects, providing viewers with unique perspectives on alliances, leadership, and the trajectory of Tamil Nadu’s political identity in the upcoming years.

In the interview, Udhayanidhi shares his views on the organic nature of the DMK alliance, contrasting it with what he perceives as a transactional relationship between AIADMK and BJP. He also sheds light on the party’s commitment to standing by its ministers during challenging times, citing A Raja’s legal exoneration as an example.

Addressing rumors of his potential elevation to Deputy Chief Minister, Udhayanidhi clarifies such information as mere speculation, emphasizing his focus on the party’s strategy ahead of elections. Additionally he’s given his point of view about Ayodhya consecration event. He also outlines the DMK’s objective of reclaiming State rights, which will be a central discussion at the upcoming Youth Wing Conference named ‘Maanila Urimai Meetpu Maanadu.’

The interview also provides insights into Udhayanidhi’s discussions with Prime Minister Narendra Modi, focusing on matters such as the Khelo India games and the pursuit of financial aid for flood disaster relief.

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