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19th January 2024 Homified, a cutting-edge tech-driven Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) brand, is redefining the delivery experience by having its Founders personally handle product deliveries.

By entrusting the delivery by the founders, Homified assures customers that their products arrive securely and promptly, epitomizing the brand’s commitment to trustworthiness and dependable service. The founders’ direct interactions during deliveries have provided valuable insights into customer preferences and lifestyles. In one instance, an elderly couple welcomed the Homified team for tea, sparking a meaningful conversation about the brand and its offerings. This personal connection exemplifies Homified’s aim to build genuine relationships beyond mere transactions. Furthermore, all abandoned cart follow-up calls are being conducted by the core founding team.

“We view every delivery as an opportunity to connect and build trust with our customers,” says Varun Chopra, Co-founder of Homicide. “Our hands-on approach enables us to understand our customers better, addressing their unique needs and concerns.”

Further, Homified has recently partnered with Zippee, a move that promises swift nationwide product deliveries within the impressive timeframe of 4-6 hours. This strategic alliance is poised to significantly alleviate consumer friction, marking a notable enhancement in the overall customer experience.

“Our power banks are utilised by travellers of all kinds, including business corporates, cultural connoisseurs, and international travellers. Our Magnet Charge and Mini-Chargers address the pressing need to keep phones constantly charged, alleviating concerns about battery life. We are taking strategic steps to gradually build a community around travellers and cater to their needs. Simultaneously, many of our customers are delving deeply into smart-tech products” says Shivam K, Co-founder of Homified.

Homified’s commitment to personalized and timely service goes beyond delivering products; it signifies their dedication to ensuring every customer feels valued. This approach has garnered praise, fostering reliability and trust in the brand.