4th July 2024  Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India  Murugappa Water Technology and Solutions (MWTS), a leader in innovative water management, part of the INR 742 billion (USD 8.8 billion) Murugappa Group, has signed an exclusive Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Jiva Water, a global social impact venture. This collaboration aims to introduce Jiva Water Devices to key market segments, including industrial, agricultural and home consumption sectors to name a few. Jiva Water Devices have shown remarkable results across various applications—from domestic drinking and bathing water to agricultural and industrial processes, as well as effluent and sewage treatment plants. MWTS will integrate Jiva Water Devices into its solutions portfolio, offering the benefits of water quality for its customers.

Jiva Water Device blends the principles of quantum science with ancient wisdom. Co-founders Dr. Krishna Madappa, who has spent three decades researching the non-linear behavior of water, and Mr. Srinivasan Vitoba, a naturalist and entrepreneur in the manufacturing sector, believe Jiva Water Devices can deliver water in its purest and most nourishing form thereby greatly improving health, industrial processes and agricultural yield. Backed by data and outcome evidence, in all sectors, the MWTS – Jiva Water combine, can potentially transform the greatest challenges facing our society today – Water and Soil.

Mr. Jayateerth Nadgir, Chief Executive of MWTS, shared, “MWTS leads in sustainable water treatment, offering turnkey solutions from concept to commissioning in raw water, process water, effluent treatment, and resource recovery systems. By incorporating Jiva Water Devices into our range of solutions, we will significantly enhance water quality at our customer/end-use applications and expand our offerings to ensure real water circularity which is the crux of global climate change through our extensive country-wide and global network.”

Dr. Krishna Madappa, Founder of Jiva Water, elaborated, “Jiva Water Devices harness principles from quantum physics and nature to influence water at the molecular level. Using specific beneficial frequencies in the water, we enhance its properties and interactions with living organisms. Our devices transform ordinary water into a high-energy, trauma-free state, elevating its natural and nourishing qualities.”

Mr. Srinivasan Vitoba, Co-founder of Jiva Water, said, “Jiva Water devices come in four models catering to consumer, industrial, and agricultural segments. The product capacities vary based on application and usage, ensuring optimal performance across different sectors.”

The dignitaries highlighted that Jiva Water will support India’s Jal Jeevan Mission which aims to provide safe and adequate drinking water through household tap connections to all rural households by 2024. Also, it will help the goal to double agricultural productivity and income by 2030, and the move towards natural farming, as well. This initiative also aligns with the 6th goal of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals – achieving universal and equitable access to clean water.