Indian Cricketer Ajinkya Rahane I

4th July 2024  Mumbai, Maharashtra, India  Fortis Hospital Mulund proudly announced the launch of its state-of-the-art ‘Sports Injury Clinic’ on June 28, 2024, setting a new standard in advanced care for sports injuries and rehabilitation. The clinic was inaugurated by renowned Indian cricketer Ajinkya Rahane, alongside Dr Sanesh Tuteja, Consultant Arthroscopy & Sports Medicine, Fortis Hospital Mulund, Dr S. Narayani, Business Head, Fortis Hospitals Mumbai, & Dr Vishal Beri, Facility Director, Fortis Hospital Mulund. This department will offer specialized services focused on treating sports injuries for athletes and active individuals.

Ajinkya Rahane, Dr Sanesh Tuteja, Cons. Arthroscopy & Sports Medicine & Dr S. Narayani, Business Head-Fortis Hospitals Mumbai at the launch of Fortis Mulund’s Sports Injury Clinic

Fortis Hospital Mulund’s Sports Injury Clinic is designed to meet the growing need for specialized sports injury care. With comprehensive orthopedic services, physiotherapy, advanced rehabilitation, and a multidisciplinary approach, the dept. aims to provide tailored care for athletes & active individuals. This essential offering ensures that patients receive expert attention, receiving 360-degree care. Sports Injury Clinic is dedicated to delivering optimal care for effective recovery and injury prevention.

Dr Sanesh Tuteja, Consultant-Arthroscopy & Sports Medicine, Fortis Hospital Mulund, who helms the Sports Injury Clinic said, “Over the past few decades medical science has rapidly advanced, expanding the scope and complexity of treatable conditions. At the Sports Injury Clinic, we are committed to providing evidence-based, best practice approach to treat sports injuries, supported by the most advanced equipment & highly skilled specialists. With this department, our goal is to offer patients tailored solutions for all their sports-related injuries under one roof.”

Indian cricketer Ajinkya Rahane, who inaugurated the Sports Injury Clinic, said, “As athletes striving for peak performance, we push our bodies to the limit every day. While injuries remain an inevitable part of our on-field lives, having access to expert care & advanced treatments can make all the difference in our performance and recovery, as we get back on the field. The need for a specialized Sports Injury Clinic cannot be overstated, especially for athletes.”

At the inauguration, Dr. Vishal Beri, Facility Director, Fortis Hospital Mulund, said, “At Fortis Hospital Mulund, every day we strive to meet the evolving needs of our patients. With the increasing interest in sports and active lifestyles, the introduction of the Sports Injury Clinic was essential. This center will greatly benefit those requiring specialized interventions, offering expert care and guidance tailored to sports-related injuries.”

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