LOST IN TIME, a book reviving the

Hyderabad,01 May 2023….. Dr V. Srinivas Goud, Minister for Tourism and Culture, Govt of Telangana unveiled ‘Lost In Time”, reviving the forgotten glory of Telangana, a dream project of FLO Hyderabad Chairperson Ritu Shah in a special program organised by FLO Hyderabad in a city hotel on Saturday evening.

Lost in Time, Reviving the forgotten glory of Telangana book is the brainchild of Ms Ritu Shah, the current chairperson of FLO Hyderabad. The rich cultural heritage of Telangana is documented in the book. The book is a celebration of its rich culture and heritage, announced Ritu Shah.

The book is the dedication of FICCI FLO Hyderabad towards research and compilation of a comprehensive guide to the heritage, art and culture of Telangana. This unique attempt focuses on Heritage, Festivals, Handlooms & Crafts, Paintings, Jewellery, Cuisine, Hyderabad Heritage, Performing Arts, and Hidden Gems (the lesser-known tourist places). It is a unique coffee table book with a difference, Ritu added.

Speaking on the occasion after the launch, Mr Srinivas Reddy said Telangana has rich culture and heritage. Unfortunately, the rulers in the past never made an attempt to bring them to light. We are no way less than any other part of the country in terms of our great culture and heritage. Take for instance Ramappa Temple, built about 850 years ago. It is a UNESCO Heritage site. This is famous for its intricate carvings and sculptures. The Ramappa Temple has a beautiful sculpture of a lady using High Heels or Sandals, which means the women in those using them, which reflects the culture of those days and how developed it was.

Hyderabad is Mini India. It has a culture which is different from the rest of India. Severn airports existed in the Nizam State. The Nizam ruler was the richest in the world. World’s Best Heritage Village Pochampally exists in our state, he added.

Speaking further the Minister urged FLO to adopt step wells which are in ruins now. He also appealed to them to adopt the long-forgotten arts or crafts that are featured in the just-unveiled book.

Minister Errabelli Dayakar Reddy said that he was stunned looking at the book, layout, printing quality, presentation and appeal. It is a great effort. A lot of effort has gone into producing it. The author of the book Ritu Shah and her family are our family friends. Indeed it is a noble thought and a great contribution to remind the current generation of the forgotten culture, crafts, arts, festivals, cuisine and what have you. Pothana, and Valmiki, the great scholars of our ancient times were born in this state. Such is the historical importance of our state, he added.

Her Excellency Mayor of Hyderabad Gadwal Vijayalakshmi said that she was invited by FLO several times in the past and it is like coming back home and FLO is like a family. Be grounded, never forget your roots. Roots are your foundation to know who you are. Attempting to bring to light the long-lost glory of a state is a noble thought. There couldn’t be a better contribution to a state than anything. We had a glorious past and the current generation must know their past. She appreciated Ritu Shah, the author, for the wonderful gift to the state.

The book is captivating and engrossing. Telangana and FLO are married to each other. FLO began its journey 22 years back in the city, said Pinky Reddy, Past National President of FLO.

Gundavaram Venkata Bhaskar Rao, MD of Kaveri Seeds said any attempt to revive the last culture, heritage, and tradition is laudable.

Smt. Deepika Reddy, Chairperson, of Telangana Sangeeta Nataka Academy appreciated FLO for their unique contribution in preserving the cultural heritage of the city and state.

Following the launch of Performance Warsi Brothers & Glory of Telangana by disciples of Guru Smt. Deepika Reddy presented by Deepanjali held