Mumbai(S.N): Gallabox, a conversational commerce platform that helps Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs) increase their sales through WhatsApp reported phenomenal growth in the last 6 months. Gallabox is being used by over 1,000 organizations in various sectors such as travel, education, healthcare, product commerce, and real estate. Gallabox’s customers include companies such as Pickyourtrail, GoIreland, Vakilsearch, ZuPay, KauveryMeds, NxtWave, ShipRocket, and Illusion Aligners. The company is currently operational in Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad, Delhi, Kolkata and plans to expand to tier-2 cities by the end of 2023. Gallabox has customers from over 20 countries apart from India and is focused on expanding to Brazil, Middle East, and APAC in the next 6 months.

Gallabox enables businesses to interact with their customers instantly on WhatsApp, understand their requirements and offer a collaborative experience. The multi-agent team inbox and campaign features are layered with a sophisticated but simple-to-use, no-code bot, thereby marrying the ease of messaging with the power of automation. The company has recently introduced several game-changing features, including WhatsApp Drip Campaigns, WhatsApp Marketing Automation, a No-Code WhatsApp Bot Builder, and WhatsApp Catalog & Orders. It is also currently beta testing WhatsApp Payments, which is sure to make a deep impact for businesses looking to streamline their payment processes. In addition to its new features, Gallabox has also introduced several new tools to help businesses streamline their customer engagement efforts. These include WhatsApp Reminders, a WhatsApp Widget, a QR Code Generator, and a WhatsApp Link Generator. These tools are designed to make it easier than ever for businesses to engage with customers on WhatsApp, driving increased engagement and sales.

Founded by Karthik Jagannathan, Yogesh Narayanan & Yathin Panchanathan, Gallabox empowers SMBs to manage their sales conversions on WhatsApp, putting an end to poor conversions and broken customer experience using legacy tools. The no-code conversational commerce platform leverages WhatsApp Business API to help SMBs improve their sales conversions and offer a full mobile experience to their customers without the need for a mobile app.

India is home to 75 million SMBs with 20 million of them digitally influenced, according to a report by Zinnov. With more than two billion users on WhatsApp and more than 500 million in India alone, coupled with SMS becoming increasingly spam-prone, businesses are fast discovering WhatsApp to be the best way to connect with their customers. While enterprises have the resources to build interactive tools to communicate and transact with their customers on WhatsApp, small & medium-sized businesses do not have the budget or skill sets to build these sophisticated tools. Gallabox makes it easy for such businesses to be up and running in a matter of minutes and leverage a pre-built library of templates to deliver a world-class experience to clients, turning customer conversations into sales.

Supporting Quotes

Karthik Jagannathan, CEO & Co-founder, Gallabox

“Small and mid-sized companies face challenges in converting prospects into customers using traditional tools like SMS, email, and call centers. Sophisticated conversation commerce tools used by larger companies can improve conversion rates, but they are too expensive or complex for smaller businesses to build. In our mission to ‘democratize’ such tools, Gallabox leverages WhatsApp to help fast-growing businesses overcome these obstacles and experience rapid growth in their sales. Our endeavor is to ensure such tools are made available to businesses at an affordable cost and are a delight to use.”

Ilaya Bharathi, Founder, GoIreland

“Ever since we started using Gallabox, the conversation rate for whatsapp has increased by nearly 20%. It has helped us interact with customers at a faster pace which in turn helps in lead generation. We are now able to interact with students quickly and efficiently without any hassle.”