KLH Hyderabad Partners with SETU Ireland to Advance Biomedical Research

KLH Hyderabad

Hyderabad 19th June 2023: KLH Hyderabad Campus of KL Deemed to be University is proud to announce its collaboration with SETU Ireland which aims to conduct cardiovascular research. The MoU is signed between Dr. K. Thirupathaiah, Assistant Professor, Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering at KLH Hyderabad Campus and Dr. Pat Chambers, Professor, Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering at SETU, Ireland. The primary objective of the collaboration is to undertake the design, development, and implementation of implantable antennas operating at THz frequencies, specifically in the research field of Microwave Photonics.

The scope of the collaboration includes joint work around the development of advanced THz antenna designs, and system architectures that have the explicit purpose of monitoring the body in conjunction with iWNSNs and will enable seamless interaction between iWNSNs and medical professionals. This collaboration will bring together expertise from both institutions to address critical research questions and drive transformative solutions particularly to improve diagnostics and treatment for cardiovascular diseases.

Talking about the collaboration, Dr. G. Pardha Saradhi Varma, Vice Chancellor, KL Deemed to be University said, “This collaboration signifies a significant milestone in the pursuit of advancements in cardiovascular research. By pooling resources and expertise, the initiative will is expected to make substantial strides in combating cardiovascular diseases and improving patient outcomes. The collaboration will also provide an opportunity for students to participate in a research internship program at SETU Ireland.”

Scholarships, offered through the Government of Ireland Postgraduate Scholarship Program (GOIPG) 2024, will support highly motivated individuals in their contributions to cardiovascular research. This project will be executed at SETU, Ireland while receiving remote guidance from Dr. K. Thirupathaiah from KLH Hyderabad Campus. The project has already received funding from the Ireland Government and is scheduled to commence in September 2023.

Dr. A Ramakrishna, the Principal of KLH Hyderabad campus, along with senior staff and faculty members, extend their wishes for the resounding success of this collaborative venture.

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