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[Delhi, 20th December 2023] – Following the tremendous success of the previous year, Arttd’inox, India’s leading premium homeware, proudly hosted the second edition of the ‘Arttd’inox 3D Challenge 2.0’. Powered by Jindal Lifestyle Ltd, this design competition welcomed the participation of budding architects and design students, providing a platform to showcase their creativity and make a significant impact on real-life scenarios through innovative product designs that enhance consumer lifestyles.

Arttd’inox, synonymous with introducing discerning shoppers to luxury, elegance, and eco-consciousness, is also dedicated to cultivating innovative, creative thinking and decisive skills among emerging designers. The Arttd’inox 3D Challenge witnessed the participation of 256 students from India’s renowned design institutions, including IIT Delhi, Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati, Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee, National Institute of Design, National Institute of Fashion Technology, Delhi, NID Ahmedabad, NIT Trichy, School of Planning and Architecture (Dept. of Industrial Design), New Delhi, SrishtiManipal Institute of Art, Design and Technology, Chandigarh University, Lovely Professional University, Amity University, IIAD, and more.

This event served as a unique opportunity for budding designers to not only showcase their talent but also gain widespread industry recognition, fortify their capabilities, and enrich their portfolios with meaningful contributions to the world of design. The competition comprised two separate categories: the ‘Kitchen Design Category,’ focusing on innovative solutions for the central space of homes, won by Himani T & Anwesha Saha from RV College of Architecture, Bengaluru. The second category, ‘Product Design,’ encouraged participants to exhibit creativity in shaping future lifestyle products, with Siddhartha Sharma from the National Institute of Fashion Technology, Bhopal, emerging as the winner.

The competition was evaluated by a prestigious panel of judges, each renowned in their respective fields. The judges included: Dr Esther Schmidt, Director of the Center for Historic Houses and Associate Professor at OP Jindal Global University; PunitJasuja , Founder of Secondfloor Design, GarimaTharija, Founder G&D Designs, Amit Khanna, Architect at AKDA; RishikeshLokhande, Architect at Designnotion; Alex from Alex Davis studio; Mrs. Deepika Jindal, Creative & Managing Director of Jindal Lifestyle Ltd; In addition to the competition, the event hosted a compelling panel discussion led by esteemed industry experts and visionaries who delved into topics such as sustainability, the future of design, perception of stainless steel in premium homeware, the convergence of functionality and aesthetics, and more. Notable panellists included Mrs. Deepika Jindal, Aashi Gupta, N. Roshan Singh, PunitJasuja, Manish Gulati &Ankur Ahuja.

On the successful completion of the event,Deepika Jindal, Creative & Managing Director of Jindal Lifestyle Ltd, expresses, “Competitions like the Arttd’inox 3D Challenge aim to play a pivotal role in providing students with a profound understanding of real-world dynamics and inspiring inventive solutions. My advice to all the participants has always been that victory is just one aspect; participation alone offers invaluable real-world feedback crucial for the development and understanding of design. Witnessing the significant number of students participating has genuinely thrilled me. I eagerly await the emergence of more ingenious ideas as students, armed with newfound knowledge of stainless steel, approach the material with creativity.

Spearheading such innovative competitions, Arttd’inox champions a forward-thinking approach in the ever-evolving realm of the design landscape. With a firm belief that traditional design education must align with the dynamic job market to help students understand and contribute to real-world demands. The brand looks forward to the lasting influence of innovative design ideas and inspiring advancements in premium homeware.