Chennai 19th December 2023: The fintech bond platform,, announced the launch of the Portfolio Analysis Tool for retail bond investors. This tool is designed to cater to the convenience needs of retail bond investors wherein they can now carry out their portfolio analysis, manage cashflow timelines, and also receive cashflow payout reminders.

Owing to this tool, retail investors will be enabled to have a comprehensive analysis of their bond portfolio across risk factors like credit ratings of the bond, exposure, and concentration. It will also help them to plan their finances better as they will be able to see their entire future cashflows from all bonds including interest and redemption. Additionally, they can now even add bonds that may been bought anywhere else to see entire risk in one place.

Mr. Vishal Goenka

Mr. Vishal Goenka, Co-Founder,, said, “For ease of doing bond investment, we have heavily invested in our technology and are continuously striving to provide seamless user experience to our investors. Through our fintech-led online bond platform, we are empowering our investors to navigate through their bond investment journey and the free Portfolio Analysis Tool is a must have for everyone.”

He added, “To overcome the awareness-related barrier, we have plugged in educational content in written and video formats. Additionally, we have an in-built Bond Calculator which enables users to instantly calculate bond yield and price; and get complete transparency on pricing of thousands of bonds and make easy calculations of Government and Corporate Bonds.”

He further stated that now with the introduction of the Portfolio Analysis Tool, investors will be further empowered to keep track of investments and related timelines.