Hyderabad/ Chennai, 8th August 2023 iOPEX Technologies, a global leader in digital transformation and technology services has launched iOPEX.AI, an advanced enterprise AI framework that enables businesses to re-invent themselves. The framework with five stages – discover, evolve, leverage, transform and accelerate – will enable businesses to deliver transformative solutions.

Sharing details about the new offering, Shiva Ramani, CEO, iOPEX Technologies said, “Digital advancements and innovations had led to the extraordinary growth of the Indian tech industry. Generative AI has the potential to transform software development but at the same time software developers must leverage this technology while embracing the guardrails. It has been predicted that AI-driven development will be responsible for 80% of the code written by 2024, as per the survey conducted by Gartner. Adopting AI with guardrails is the only silver bullet to thrive. We have launched a customer innovation fund to help customers begin their re-invention with AI.”

iOPEX Technologies delivers AI solutions with an insight-led experience architecture. Our AI platform ElevAite enables enterprise content that is available in all different formats to be vectorized so that it can be consumed by AI Models. This transformed data is harnessed for advanced solutions, unprecedented insights are extracted from vast data troves, and this empowers AI models for informed decision-making, custom AI models are constructed which elevates the business efficiency and smart apps which accelerate enterprise-wide AI activation with a flexible framework addressing design and run-time needs are built.

The journey of the client begins with them discovering the boundless possibilities of generative AI as iOPEX engages with business leaders to uncover essential use cases that align with their objectives. The client’s operation processes are evolved and redefined to deliver total customer and employee experiences. Next, the enterprise data is leveraged to identify lucrative ways for generating AI to optimize operations, experience and accelerate growth. The organisation’s future is transformed with smart applications across business functions. Finally, a robust AI workbench is built which accelerates the evolution of employees and the customer experiences. This also speeds up production and deployment of AI powered applications.

With already successful implementations across multiple business functions from Lead to Cash, Procure to Pay and Customer Success, iOPEX aims to empower enterprises to unlock their full potential through digital innovation and iOPEX.AI marks a significant step forward in this journey by providing organisations with a comprehensive AI framework. Simplicity and scalability are the major strengths of this model which will help in building enterprise AI solutions from the ground upwards. iOPEX.AI is a strategic investment by iOPEX which would help businesses stay updated and relevant in the fast-changing digital world.