The Premia Academy Nurtures Future Scientists

Hyderabad, 8th August 2023– The Premia Academy organized a successful Science Fair, an event that aimed to inspire and encourage students to delve into the fascinating world of science. The Science Fair provided a platform for young minds to showcase their innovative projects and research while fostering a deep understanding of scientific exploration. Students from grade 1 to grade 12 participated in the Science Fair, presenting a diverse array of projects that reflected their creativity and passion for scientific inquiry. Under the guidance of dedicated educators and mentors, they explored various scientific concepts, conducted experiments, and designed captivating models to illustrate their findings.

The projects showcased at the Science Fair spanned a diverse range of scientific fields. Students ingeniously demonstrated irrigation techniques for sustainable agriculture, modeled earthquake warning systems using seismographic techniques, and delved into the intricacies of biological processes, such as the circulation of blood through the heart and neuron transmission. A panel of esteemed judges evaluated the projects based on scientific methodology, innovation, and presentation. The judges were impressed with the level of creativity and scientific rigor demonstrated by the students.

In the spirit of recognizing the students’ outstanding contributions, the Premia Academy awarded the top performers with accolades and prizes. The Premia Academy expressed gratitude to all participants, educators, mentors, and parents for their unwavering support in making the event a resounding success. The academy also expressed enthusiasm for future editions of the Science Fair, anticipating even more groundbreaking innovations and discoveries from their talented students.

Speaking on the occasion Ms. Sinduri Reddy, Founder, and Managing Director of The Premia Academy said “Our vision at Premia Academy is to inspire a passion for learning and instill a deep love for science among our students “The Science Fair is a testament to the creativity and intellectual curiosity of our students. It is heartening to witness their enthusiasm in exploring the wonders of Science and its application in solving real-world problems.”

Adding to this Ms. Trupti Rao, Principal of The Premia Academy, said The Science Fair allowed our students to develop essential research and presentation skills. Beyond academic excellence, they showcased an eagerness to contribute positively to society through scientific innovation.