Shiprocket Amplify

New Delhi, 19th October 2023: Shiprocket, India’s leading eCommerce enablement platform, has announced the launch of their new offering, Shiprocket Amplify, in partnership with One Impression, a leading Influencer Marketing platform. The partnership marks a significant shift in the eCommerce landscape, enabling merchants of all sizes to market their products on social media at par with larger brands and thereby democratising opportunities to scale for businesses of all sizes.

The rapid growth of digital commerce in India has created a need for innovative solutions and insights to empower eCommerce businesses and MSMEs. With over 70 crore Indians using social media platforms on a regular basis, and approx. $ 16 billion spent on influencer marketing globally in 2022 with RoAS as high as 8X, influencer marketing presents a lucrative opportunity for brands to connect with their audiences on a larger scale. Despite the massive impact that influencers can have, access to quality creators continues to be a huge challenge. Additionally, with over 3 million influencers currently active in India, small businesses generally lack the knowledge and expertise to select the right creators and engage them at the right price point. Moreover, the challenges in content creation and lack of legal knowledge about standard legal contracts and content rights make it almost impossible for SMBs to partake in the Influencer Marketing phenomenon.

Shiprocket Amplify aims to solve this by providing SMBs with a seamless and integrated Influencer Marketing as a Service (IMAAS) tool. It will infuse a brand’s core messaging into influencer-generated content, creating authentic and story-driven narratives that extend beyond individual campaigns. With plans starting at just 5000 rupees, SMBs can now generate world class content to fuel growth with the benefits of influencer marketing including cost effectiveness, higher conversions and improved brand trust.

Speaking about the partnership, Saahil Goel, Co-founder and CEO of Shiprocket, said, “We are thrilled to partner with One Impression to enable a seamless influencer marketing experience for our merchants. With the rise of social commerce in India, influencer marketing solutions are poised to provide a significant advantage to merchants by allowing them to drive higher ROIs across social media platforms. This partnership will enable us to further our mission of empowering business growth at every level, being a partner in growth to our merchants.”

Discussing the partnership, Apaksh Gupta, Founder and CEO of One Impression, stated, “We truly believe that Influencer Marketing as a tool has immense potential and is quickly becoming indispensable for businesses of all shapes and sizes. This partnership will enable all SMBs to unlock their true growth potential by collaborating with world class content creators and further our own mission of helping brands scale in today’s digital ecosystem. We are thrilled to partner with Shiprocket and launch this first of its kind IMaaS (Influencer Marketing as a Service) product for their merchants.”

Shiprocket Amplify further simplifies influencer marketing for merchants eliminating the need to navigate the complexities of influencer marketing agencies. The comprehensive solution offers multiple integrated functionalities and grants access to best-in-class social analytics, enabling real-time performance monitoring across all campaigns from a single dashboard. The platform facilitates influencer marketing for businesses within the Shiprocket ecosystem by seamlessly integrating it into the Shiprocket platform and app.