Hemp-Based Product

It is a common belief that Hemp is a harmful substance but this is just a myth. In reality, Hemp has numerous uses, when it comes to medicines and wellness.

Despite Hemp originating from the plant of Cannabis, it will not get you “High”, something that people associate Cannabis with

Cannabis has 2 compounds, CBD and THC. Hemp mainly consists of CBD, which will not get you “High” and has several medical benefits. Benefits of CBD include anxiety relief, boosted immunity, aid in sleep, overcoming lower back and joint pain, and addressing sports injuries while also improving the condition and focus of the consumer.

Over the recent years, Hemp has started gaining the attention of several pharmaceutical companies and its usage has increased significantly.

Entering this market is HempKart which has been working for the past year to provide customers Hemp-based products.

This month, HempKart announced services like Free Delivery for orders above ₹1,000 and is now offering Free Ayurvedic Doctor consultations to all its customers to help build awareness and grow the industry in India.

The wide range of hemp-based products that HempKart puts up for sale include CBD Oils, Consumables, Hemp Nutrition, Hair and Skin products, Pet Care products, and much more. Some of the top brands in the country like Qurist, Noigra, India Hemp Organics, and Cannazoindia have listed their best-selling hemp products for those looking to buy CBD Oil online on HempKart.

“The market for medicinal cannabis in India and globally is rapidly expanding. The CBD market is predicted to experience a 16.8 percent compound annual growth rate in the next 10 years, reaching a value of USD 22.05 billion by 2030. This growth is driven by the increasing demand for cannabidiol (CBD) for medical and wellness purposes due to its healing properties,” says the Managing Director of HempKart, Mr. Krishn Anand Tripathi.

HempKart CEO, Nishant Choudhry added that, “At HempKart, we make sure the customers find all the required Hemp-based products under one roof coupled with an exceptional standard of customer service ensuring a seamless shopping experience.”

People all over the world must change their perception of Hemp as a product and accept the medicinal benefits it provides us with. HempKart has recognized the potential ups of Hemp and encourages the sale of Hemp-based products through its website.