Bridging Nature and People

Bengaluru, 26th December 2023: In a remarkable demonstration of commitment to develop an environmental stewardship experience for its students, CMR National Public School conducted a Plogging Trek to Shivagange Hills.

Drawing participation from more than 130 students across grades, this experiential learning opportunity aimed to seamlessly intertwine physical fitness with a commitment to environmental stewardship, creating a development of essential leadership qualities such as empathy, resourcefulness, and adaptability. Students actively contributed to the cause by engaging in a hillside clean-up activity during this trek. They collected more than 250kg of plastic waste from the hills leaving the hills 2% cleaner than what it was. A small step towards an uphill task of keeping our environment clean

This Plogging Trek initiative went beyond the traditional parameters of trekking as students received guidance on environmental awareness and critical leadership abilities, essential in the dynamic world of today. This trek fostered empathy and a certain perception of the impact of human behaviour on the ecosystem. Over the course of the trek, students proved their versatility in navigating different terrains.

Endeavours such as these bring much-needed action to the subject of environmental stewardship. Students who go through their paces as part of such initiatives develop qualities and understandings that are vital to becoming responsible citizens. Sustainability teachings are imparted through initiatives that combine active outdoor activity with proactive preservation. This process not only fosters a mentality change but also sets the stage for a time in the future when environmentally conscious leaders will play a critical role in determining the course of our country.

Speaking on the occasion, Ms Anamika Radhakrishnan, Head of Student Development Ekya Schools and CMR K-12, said, “The Plogging Trek embodies our steadfast dedication to delivering an education that transcends conventional boundaries, nurturing students not merely academically but in their entirety. This initiative underscores our belief in cultivating a generation that values and safeguards our environment—a fundamental aspect of our educational philosophy. The Plogging Trek isn’t just an event; it’s a transformative experience aligning with our vision to empower students as responsible changemakers and leaders.”

The Plogging Trek this year is part of a series of such outbound learning programmes the school has been undertaking. Last year, 130 students used trekking to gather 250 kilos of single-use plastic along their trail, meaningfully contributing to the global campaign for a cleaner, greener environment. The school has undertaken similar initiatives in the past and has plans to continue with them in the coming months across all Ekya campuses.