India, 21st October 2023: Greatify, formerly known as Teachze, made an indelible mark at the prestigious DIDAC India 2023, by unveiling an array of ground-breaking products and services poised to redefine the educational landscape. The event served as the perfect platform to introduce Greatify’s innovative offerings, underlining the company’s commitment to revolutionizing the education sector with cutting-edge technology. The theme of the company was to create paperless campuses and provide digital-first solutions to education institutions.

Greatify showcased a range of cutting-edge solutions, designed to streamline and enhance various aspects of the educational experience. The highlighted products and services at the event included:

Gratify Paperless Exams ‘ExamX’: A groundbreaking solution for conducting digital exams, including subjective tests, using iPads or Android tablets and styluses, ensuring secure and efficient examination processes. Gratify Placements ‘PlaceX’: This platform automates campus placements, connects students with employers nationwide, and provides centralized profile and background verification systems.

Other than these innovations, Greatify will also give its audience first-hand experience of its comprehensive solution for educational institutions, streamlining their operations and enhancing the learning experience.

Greatify ERP ‘ManageX’: This software manages the entire spectrum of an educational institution, from lead generation to student TC processing. It features modules such as lead management, fee management, transportation, and student information, making administrative tasks more efficient.

Greatify Learning Management System (LMS) ‘LearnX’: Designed to digitize learning and academic delivery, the LMS includes modules for lesson planning, content management, content delivery, homework, assignment, and exam management, among others.

Greatify Learning ‘TeachX’: Offers online live and recorded STEM and Cambridge classes for both teachers and students, along with Cambridge PDQ training for professional development and STEM training in a “train the trainer” model.

Greatify Marketplace ‘MarketX’: A platform for institutions, teachers, and students to discover and access educational resources and teaching materials, enriching the educational experience.

Greatify Services ‘ServiceX’: Greatify provides consultancy and services for educational institutions, aiding digital transformation. The scope includes paperless operations, smartboard integration, robotic lab setups, and IT optimization for both virtual and in-person classrooms. These solutions ensure convenience, broaden student reach, and offer a cost-effective approach to traditional learning methods.

Commenting on the launch of the new product suite, Mr. Dinesh Kumar, CEO and CTO, Greatify said, “We were excited to be a part of DIDAC India 2023 which gave us an opportunity to introduce new products and also showcase our latest education solutions. This allowed us to exhibit our unique offerings, making us a differentiator in the industry. We provide one unified solution developed for each module within the system and all the data collected provides insight to the institution to provide better outcomes to all stakeholders. I have always believed that we, as the human race, must bolt towards innovation and progress. Knowledge is the only way forward and learning is the key to a prosperous future. To strengthen Greatify in the industry, we expect to expand our products and services beyond India to regions such as the Middle East and Africa, with plans to open an office in Dubai in the near future.”

The company is also opening its platform to vendors, offering them an opportunity to reach schools and other partners of the company, providing significant benefits to participants. Greatify is set to redefine the education landscape, delivering a paperless, digital-first, data-driven future and empowering educational institutions to achieve greatness.