India,22nd December 2023 E2E Networks (NSE: E2E) has made a landmark achievement in India’s technological landscape with the launch of the HGX H100 GPU-powered TIR, its flagship AI platform, specifically designed for startups, researchers, and enterprises focusing on building foundational AI models, such as Large Language Models (LLMs). This state-of-the-art AI-building platform sets a new standard for AI model development in India, offering seamless training, inference, and model deployment capabilities.

In the AI era, the ability for startups and enterprises to leverage advanced GPU infrastructure is crucial. The HGX H100 GPUs provide incredible computational efficiency and speed, making them ideal for the complex tasks involved in AI model training and deployment. TIR, designed to address businesses’ growing needs in foundational AI model development, eliminates the complexities associated with infrastructure management. By leveraging the advanced capabilities of HGX H100 GPUs, TIR enables companies to focus on building sophisticated AI models, without the constraints of underlying infrastructure.

With this launch, E2E Networks has become the first hyperscale cloud service provider in India to bring the HGX H100-powered AI building platform for developers, data scientists and researchers working on foundational AI models and Indic-language LLMs. By democratizing access to such technology, E2E Networks is enabling Indian businesses to compete globally and lead in the AI frontier.

Speaking about this development, Mohamed Imran, Chief Technology Officer, E2E Networks said, “HGX H100 is the AI supercomputer designed to provide efficiency and speed required for building advanced AI models. TIR, our AI platform, simplifies complex AI workflows, enabling innovators to harness advanced AI capabilities effortlessly. By bringing the capabilities of HGX H100 GPUs to TIR, we are enabling businesses of all sizes to harness the power of advanced machine learning without the complexities of infrastructure management. Through this launch, we are not just leveling the playing field; we are empowering Indian organizations to lead in the global AI revolution and drive significant advancements in AI development.”