Dreams and Realities,

Mumbai, 18th March 2024– Amazon miniTV – Amazon’s free video streaming service is all set to stream a delightful feast of entertainment. March is all set to bring an exciting lineup of international shows dubbed in Hindi, Tamil, Telugu under “miniTV imported” for all the drama lovers. Kick-starting the binge fest, the streaming service dropped the eye-catching poster, offering a glimpse into the world of the globally acclaimed shows with captivating narratives, charismatic chemistry, and an international aesthetic setting. From romance and drama to action and fantasy, Amazon miniTV is all set to serve a diverse entertainment lineup with shows ranging across Korean, Mandarin, and Turkish languages including Dreams and Realities, Love Puzzle, Marriage Contract, and Breaking Dawn, all dubbed in Hindi, Telugu and Tamil and Original.

From slice-of-life dramas to romantic comedies, heart-wrenching love stories, and adrenaline-pumping crime action cop dramas, there’s something for everyone to watch. From the inspiring story of four young women chasing their ambitions in Dreams and Realities; to the story of a young woman’s marriage plans being upended when she’s deceived by her fiancé, leading to an encounter with a misunderstood genius in Love Puzzle. The intriguing narrative of Marriage Contract will take viewers through the love story of two people tied together as they deal with the inevitability of death, bold honor, and sacrificial love. Breaking Dawn is an action-packed drama that follows a team of cops as they crack serial cases, fight the crusade against drugs, and bring down an international crime syndicate.

Amogh Dusad, Head of Content, Amazon miniTV shared, “Our diverse international content library dubbed in Indian languages is aimed at providing entertainment to viewers across the country. From the energy of K-dramas to the heartfelt narratives of Turkish and Mandarin dramas, the international content slate is capturing the hearts and minds of through its universal appeal and we couldn’t be happier in playing a role for the viewers in India for free.”

The international shows will stream in Original, Hindi, Telugu, and Tamil, exclusively on ‘Amazon miniTV Imported’ for free within Amazon’s shopping app and Fire TV and Play Store.