DashLoc and GodrejNew Delhi, 25th April 2024: DashLoc, a trailblazing company in India specializing in hyperlocal discovery and growth, has announced a strategic partnership with Godrej, a renowned name in the appliance industry. This collaboration aims to redefine the retail domain by creating an ecosystem that seamlessly connects Godrej Appliance Stores with local communities, enhancing discovery, engagement, and revenue growth.

Through this B2B partnership, DashLoc and Godrej are dedicated to empowering local communities with convenient access to appliance-related products. Over the upcoming six months, both entities will work together to leverage digital solutions, enhancing customer engagement and extending the reach of Godrej’s retail outlets. Notably, this strategic endeavor intends to generate organic leads for Godrej and increase their conversion rates effectively.

Speaking about the partnership, Mr. Sumit Singh, CEO and Co-founder at DashLoc, commented, “We are excited to join forces with Godrej to revolutionize the retail experience for both customers and retailers. By leveraging our hyperlocal discovery platform, we aim not only to drive foot traffic to Godrej Appliance stores but also to enhance their online presence.”

He added, “In today’s digital age, where consumers rely heavily on online platforms for product discovery and purchasing decisions, leveraging hyperlocal discovery platforms like ours has become imperative for businesses. By availing such services, companies can not only increase their visibility and reach but also stay ahead of the competition by offering personalized and convenient experiences to their customers.

Swati Rathi, Head of Marketing at Godrej expressed enthusiasm, stating, “This partnership with DashLoc aligns with our commitment to innovation and customer-centricity. We are confident that by leveraging DashLoc’s expertise, we will enhance the accessibility of our products to local communities and drive growth for our retail outlets. We look forward to working closely with DashLoc to maximize the benefits of this collaboration and deliver exceptional value to our customers.”

Through this partnership, DashLoc and Godrej are spearheading a range of collaborative digital initiatives aimed at ensuring the omnipresence of retail outlets. DashLoc will provide services such as listing management, microsites for retail outlets, review management, organic lead generation, call tracking, and lead management, among others. The key benefits of these services include easy connectivity for local communities, dynamic microsites for dealers, and organic lead generation, leading to higher conversions.

What sets this partnership apart is its focus on creating a sustainable organic digital ecosystem for retail businesses, with a strong emphasis on achieving a high return on investment. DashLoc will play a crucial role in providing ongoing support by supplying relevant local content to engage the community through partnership with Godrej Inspire Hub shops.