China Bistro

New Delhi,,23rd August 2023:– Foodlink is thrilled to usher in a new era of culinary excellence with the unveiling of China Bistro’s remarkable transformation. Setting new benchmarks in Pan Asian cuisine, China Bistro 2.0 emerges as a shining beacon of contemporary dining. Following the resounding success of twelve restaurants and three cloud kitchens spanning India and the UAE, China Bistro, a revered destination for Pan Asian cuisine, proudly announces the dawn of its Version 2.0. This evolutionary leap signifies a momentous chapter in the brand’s gastronomic journey. With an ambitious vision to expand its footprint across prominent regions India and UAE, China Bistro is poised to make an indelible mark in the capital city.

Delhi, renowned as a melting pot of diverse flavors, cultural heritage, and culinary finesse, serves as the canvas for China Bistro’s latest culinary venture. Nestled within the dynamic Select CITYWALK Mall in Saket, China Bistro 2.0 promises to stand out amidst its culinary peers. Fusing authentic Pan Asian flavors within a contemporary mall milieu underscores China Bistro’s commitment to redefining the dining experience while preserving its distinctive brand ethos. Step into an unconventional realm of dining at China Bistro 2.0, where modernity seamlessly intertwines with tradition. Each piece of meticulously curated “a la mode” furniture is chosen to elevate comfort and luxury. The meticulously selected dinnerware transforms each dish into a visual masterpiece, infusing the dining experience with an aura of sophistication.

China Bistro’s revamped menu, meticulously crafted by accomplished chefs, showcases an eclectic array of Neu Asian cuisines, encompassing Japanese, Thai, Korean, Chinese, Burmese, and beyond. A harmonious blend of signature classics such as Fire Roasted Mandarin Chicken and Vegetable Crystal Dumplings, with innovative creations like Korean Kimchi Fried Rice and Ban Cahn. The culinary odyssey culminates with an array of sumptuous desserts like Choco Orange Tsunami and Buddha’s Fu, invoking the essence of Asian flavors. Complementing the gastronomic offerings, China Bistro 2.0 presents an avant-garde bar menu, featuring an array of Asian-inspired libations. From the zestful fusion of Kiwi and lemongrass in the Vietnamese Punch to the playful tapioca pearls adorning the Lotus Biscoff Bubble Tea, the mocktail menu has been meticulously refined to perfection.

Mr. Sanjay Vazirani, the visionary founder of Foodlink F&B Holdings Pvt Ltd, conveys his anticipation, stating, “As we prepare to unveil China Bistro in the city, we aspire to captivate our guests with an elevated dining encounter. From the reimagined interiors and ambiance to an enriched Pan Asian Menu complemented by an exquisitely curated beverage selection, China Bistro is poised to become the quintessential haven for our discerning clientele.”

China Bistro’s accolades include the What’s Hot Owler’s Award for Best Chinese and the Times Food and Nightlife Awards for Best Chinese Casual Dining Restaurant in 2022 & 2023, emblematic of its culinary mastery and widespread patronage.