New Delhi, 23rd Aug 2023: India’s most vibrant wearable brand Blue has launched two products- the ‘Rocker R10 Avante’ soundbar and the ‘Blockbuster’ neckband – the perfect combination of good looks, best-in-class technology, and utility. Both audio products are equipped with enhanced audio quality and are designed to support deep and punchy bass. The homegrown audio accessories brand came with advanced Bluetooth 5.1 connectivity and both speakers for young audiophiles who just cannot afford to compromise on the sound quality of their party glimmers.

Rocker R10 Avante:

Bluei introduced the Rocker R10 Avante soundbar Bluetooth speaker with its sleek and modern design, this soundbar will effortlessly blend into any decor while providing you with powerful sound and versatility like never before. At the core of the Rocker R10 Avante is its impressive 10W power output, ensuring that every note, beat, and melody resonates with clarity and precision. Whether you’re watching your favorite movies, listening to your cherished playlists, or playing thrilling games, this soundbar will immerse you in a world of rich audio. The multi-connectivity options take convenience to a whole new level. Say goodbye to frequent recharging worries, thanks to the generous 2400mAh battery capacity. This powerhouse ensures an extended playback time, so your parties and entertainment sessions can continue without interruption. The Bluei Rocker R10 Avante delivers a mind-blowing audio experience with powerful thumping bass. Not just a powerhouse in terms of performance, the Bluei Rocker R10 Avante boasts a decor-friendly design that seamlessly blends with your living space. Its modern aesthetics make it an eye-catching addition to any room, while the mobile stand enhances its practicality and ease of use. Available in Yellow, Black, Red, Green and Blue – the Bluei Rocker R10 soundbar is reasonably priced at INR 1499.

Bluei Blockbuster:

Introducing the Bluei Blockbuster Neckband with sleek design for an unparalleled listening experience. This neckband is engineered to elevate your music journey to new heights, providing you with unrivaled features and incredible convenience. With an astounding 40 hours of continuous playback, you can immerse yourself in your favorite tunes without worrying about frequent recharging. The power efficiency ensures that your music never has to pause, making it perfect for long trips, workouts, or simply extended listening sessions. The Bluei Blockbuster Neckband sets a new standard for standby time, boasting an impressive 130 hours of standby duration. Now, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that even when not in use, your neckband will retain its charge, always ready to serve you with incredible sound whenever you desire. Equipped with the latest Bluetooth version 5.3, this neckband offers a seamless and ultra-stable connection with your devices. The Bluei Blockbuster Neckband’s metal body premium design adds a touch of sophistication to your audio gear. The neckband is priced at INR 1349.

At the launch of Bluei Rocker speakers, Mr. Akhilesh Chopra Director of Bluei said, “Bluei is dedicated to creating and providing Indian consumers with high-quality and sophisticated audio product at a very reasonable cost. We are sure that Rocker Avante soundbar and Blockbuster product would resonate with Indian customers. It is flawlessly created to provide the best user experience possible and is made for all purposes, whether travelling, working, or hosting parties. We sell our product at a low price because we want to serve every age group and user.”