Bengaluru, 23rd January 2024:Ather Energy, one of India’s leading electric vehicle manufacturers, announced on Friday the upcoming launch of its new family-oriented electric scooter, named “Rizta.” Breaking away from their sporty and youthful design ethos, seen in the 450 Series, the Rizta aims to cater specifically to the needs of families. Rizta has been spotted testing in Bengaluru a couple of months ago.

In a previous tweet by Tarun Mehta, co-founder & CEO of Ather Energy in November, he highlighted that Ather Energy will be launching a larger, family-friendly scooter that’s comfortable, safe, spacious, and affordable.

The excitement has soared now that Tarun has dropped a video teaser in his latest tweet, unveiling the family scooter name, Rizta. In his post, Mehta revealed the Rizta has been in development since 2019, with Ather’s teams reportedly incorporating “groundbreaking integrations” that promise to elevate the ride experience for families. The scooter will be unveiled at the Ather Community Day Celebration 2024. According to the announcement, the company aims to begin deliveries of the scooter in the next six months.

In the tweet, Tarun Mehta said: “With Rizta, we will be taking a big leap in comfort and safety. Our teams have been working on this for a while (this one has been on and off the table since 2019!) and have pulled off some amazing integrations that are industry-first and will make your ride experience way better. Rizta will also continue to maintain the same quality and reliability that Ather’s other products are known for. We will be unveiling ‘Ather Rizta’ at ACDC 24 – Ather Community Day Celebration 2024. You will hear about it soon!”

Talking about Rizta in a tweet, Swapnil Jain, Co-founder & CTO of Ather Energy said,” When we started Ather the team believed, you need to be your own customer first. Most of us were below 25 years of age building the first made in india EV and were crazy about vehicle dynamics. Every single choice from mid mount motor, to aluminium cast chassis to dual disc brakes, were all focused on building the best handling vehicles. That was the Ather 450X for you. It did exactly what we intended. It is the best handling scooter and it was built for us. We are now all 30+ and have family. So we set out again to build for us. Introducing Ather Rizta. A family vehicle built with the same passion, but this time towards comfort and safety! Because now Family comes first!”

As the electric scooter industry witnesses a surge in demand, Ather’s strategic move showcases responsiveness to diverse consumer needs, as they extend their expertise in electric scooters to meet the demands of families. The upcoming family scooter is engineered with precision and proudly bearing the “Made in India” tag,” this family-oriented model promises to take a big leap in comfort, and safety, highlighting Ather’s focus on building an electric scooter that goes beyond expectations.

The Ather Rizta is poised to redefine the family scooter segment, adding a family-focused dimension to Ather Energy’s innovative lineup. Stay tuned for more updates on the exciting journey that lies ahead, as Ather Energy continues to push the boundaries of excellence in the electric scooter industry!