Annie Munjaal

The lively and culturally rich celebration of Lohri, which honors life, generosity, and an eternal sense of belonging, encapsulates the conviviality of Indian customs. With its dhol drumming, rich melodies, and exuberant dancing, Lohri is also a festival for fresh humble beginnings, making it an auspicious occasion for marriage and childbirth.

On January 13, 2024, Annie Munjal, the daughter of Aashmeen Munjaal, celebrates her first Lohri in the Jangpura Gurudwara after her marriage. It’s an unforgettable moment for Annie and her loved ones as they cherish tradition and togetherness. It’s a celebration of coming together, bonding, and taking delight in the rhythm of life.

With a desire to enjoy the rich cultural legacy and customs connected to this harvest festival, her first Lohri celebration is a close-knit gathering with family and friends. The celebration is a swirl of customs, lively music, and delicious food as everyone joins together to celebrate the joyous occasion.

“For me, it’s an expression of unparalleled joy, jubilant celebrations, and awe,” said Annie Munjaal, expressing her enthusiasm. “I am filled with joie de vivre to celebrate this culturally rich festival with my spouse, my in-laws, my family, and friends.”