Dr. Ravindran Katoti (Harmonium)

The Indian Music Experience Museum (IME) will host a lecture demonstration by Dr. Kaustuv Kanti Ganguli. It will look at new psychoacoustic and scientific approaches to music appreciation in the context of Hindustani Music.

Dr Ganguli will illustrate how our auditory system perceives and processes the rich tonal intricacies of ragas and share insights on how pitch, timbre, and rhythm interact to evoke deep emotional responses. Further, delving into the intersection of music and technology, the lecture will demonstrate how computational models can aid in understanding the structural patterns, melodic variations, and improvisational techniques employed in Hindustani classical music.

The lecture will be followed by a Khayal performance exploring the expressive world of Raag Bhairavi.

Accompanying artists;

Dr. Ravindran Katoti (Harmonium) Shri Yogeesh Bhat (Tabla)

Venue: Indian Music Experience Museum, JP Nagar 7th Phase, Bengaluru. Date: 20 July 2023 Time: 05:00 pm to 07:15 pm Event is open to all.