Prepare to embark on a tantalizing journey where every dish narrates its own tale and every mouthful is an adventure to savor!

Zee Media and IndiaDotcom Digital Private Limited proudly announce the unveiling of Petuz, a revolutionary food channel set to transform the culinary content landscape. Embracing a dynamic video-first approach, Petuz promises to captivate audiences with a diverse array of programming accessible across major social media platforms and the dedicated website,

petuz launch

With an unwavering commitment to creativity and innovation, Petuz is poised to redefine the very essence of gastronomic exploration.

Petuz transcends the ordinary, pushing taste boundaries to craft extraordinary culinary experiences. From trending #FoodTrends to immersive tasting sessions, innovative flavor fusions, and mouthwatering recipes, our diverse range of segments ensures there’s something for every palate. Viewers can indulge in an engaging series such as Explore Flavours, Food Fantasy, and Food Adventures, meticulously curated to ignite culinary creativity and stimulate the imagination

The grand launch event of Petuz will take place on 11th March at 12 noon, featuring renowned food bloggers and influencers, including Gaurav Wasan, Karan Marwah, Priyanka Sharma, Gunjan Bawa, Paresh Gupta, Khushboo, Dimple Arora, Akshit Gupta and more.These individuals embody the spirit of culinary exploration and innovation, promising an unforgettable event.

A spokesperson from Zee Media emphasizes, “Petuz is a platform dedicated to celebrating food in all its delicious forms. Our mission is to inspire, entertain, and unite food enthusiasts worldwide through mouthwatering content and culinary adventures. Welcome to a world where every bite tells a story!”

Be assured to experience the dawn of a new era in food entertainment and discover the joy of culinary exploration, only on Petuz.