In an unprecedented fusion of cinematic flair and comic book excitement, the highly anticipated film Yodha, starring the charismatic Sidharth Malhotra, is set to captivate audiences like never before. Theatrically released today, this action-packed thriller promises to redefine the boundaries of storytelling, and how! As anticipation for the film reaches a fever pitch, the creative minds behind Yodha unveiled a groundbreaking collaboration with Pratilipi Comics for ‘Adventures of Yodha: The Case of the Missing Ship’, an adventure-filled comic book that serves as the perfect add-on to the Yodha franchise.

For films such as Yodha, who are constantly looking to engage their fans with newer avenues, platforms such as Pratilipi Comics, offer a diverse collection of webcomics and digital graphic novels tailored to the likings of avid readers and comic enthusiasts. While they offer interesting webcomics that enable young indie artists to submit their Original works, Comic Con India provides a community and network of comic and graphics creators that recognizes Indian artists to gather under one roof. Providing them the perfect place to reach the right audiences, one thing is for sure, that this has created an exciting time for indie creators and local comic book artists – be it digital or paperback; across the country with high accessibility and growth.

The rising popularity of indie comics, coupled with the accessibility offered by platforms like Pratilipi Comics and events like Comic Con India, highlights the exciting opportunities available to creators and fans in today’s world of storytelling. Will we see ‘Adventures of Yodha: The Case of the Missing Ship’ at this year’s Mumbai Comic Con 2024? We can only hope.